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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
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Bernie supporters encouraged to run for office

Standing in front of the fourth district congressional delegate selection committee, Lee Kinch, state party chair, urged Bernie supporters present to consider running for office. He listed off the names of unopposed Republicans and said: “Let’s take your energy to the state house.”

This makes me very happy


Trump "All I know is what's on the Internet"

the surreal success of Donald Trump’s candidacy, whose historical tagline may well be “All I know is what’s on the Internet.”

Those were his exact words, a blithe excuse for his mistaken assertion that a protester at one of his rallies had ties to Islamic extremists. He’d seen a video somewhere. He’d chosen to take it at face value. His intelligence wasn’t and isn’t vetted but viral — and conveniently suited to his argument and needs. With a creative or credulous enough Google search, a self-serving “truth” can always be found, along with a passel of supposed experts to vouch for it and a clique of fellow disciples.

pretty good article about the problems in media today...we are constantly presented with views that confirm our own..


Instructions for NPP voters in California

if you selected vote by mail you will receive the NPP ballot.
in the materials sent to you will be instructions on how to request the democratic ballot.

Mine says
As a registered No Party Preference Voter, the enclosed ballot has NO presidential races.
The Republican, Green and Peace and Freedom parties have closed their presidential primary. Only party members may vote their ballot. You may change your party for this election by re-registering by May 23rd. Register to vote online at www.registertovote.ca.gov.

You can request a replacement ballot with presidential candidates for the Democratic, American Independent or Libertarian parties by contacting the _______county______ Election Office at phone number or email [email protected]__county_________.US.

The California Secretary of State website has the addresses, phone and emails for all counties.

happy ending

Then, in a glorious display of solidarity, his entire family came running for him.


Whoever Wins The Democratic Primary Is Responsible For Party Unity

But Sanders’ success points to a significant insurgency among Democrats: Clinton faces a far more daunting task than simply nabbing the nomination or winning the election — she must secure the future of the Democratic Party.

Over the next six months, the choices Clinton makes will help determine whether the Democrats will be the new majority party or be consigned to the wilderness for a generation. Can she bring Sanders supporters into an enduring majority, or will she alienate them and leave a fractious, fractured party in her wake?

The challenge — and opportunity — for Clinton comes from the unusual political conditions in the U.S. The two major parties are shuddering through a period of realignment. As the coalitions built in the 1980s and `90s break apart, a throng of interest groups are scrambling to shape new partnerships that will take their place.


Its understandable to get angry at the OPs in GDP

but no one in GDP is speaking for either candidate.
Everyone is speaking only for themselves.

So we shouldn't blame the candidate...no matter what their supporters say on DU.

One positive from NV

this will help put the nails in the coffin for the caucus system.

First get them saved, then get them baptized, then get them registered to vote

I didn't know the backstory on how evangelicals became a force for the right.

But it looks like the final straw was school integration...and abortion was an after thought.


Maybe all the voters registration crap happens all the time

we just don't notice it because we aren't sensitized except during important elections.

My registration is intact as is my son's.
My husbands' registration is MIA.

He and I have voted side by side for years.
However he does have a common name...so maybe he's being confused with someone else who's moved out of state or something.

a read you will enjoy

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