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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
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My tax proposal..

Why don't you go directly to the people? Our tax forms currently ask us if we'd like to donate $3 to the presidential election....why can't that same tax return be updated to say what percentage of my taxes I want to have allocated to education, poverty, defense, corporate giveaways. Obviously it can't be 100% of the taxes paid but it could be 50%....then the government can tally where the people want their money spent. And then their states should get no more than the people living their authorized.

Wow, no one in texas thought education required funding. After a couple of years of failing schools, the parents might wake up.

the constitution requires that congressional pay is not a negotiation point

but I see no reason why they they should have paid staffs.
I looked and congressional staffs are over 24,000.
That sounds like 24,000 layoffs should be a no brainer.
Time for the congress critters to work.

shun the trolls..its healthier for you (and doesn't give them any satisfaction)

Ultimately, the research concluded that you're not doing yourself any favors by responding to rude people or people who make you angry. You also get the side benefit that the best weapon against those types of people is ostracism.


Headline you don't expect to see: Woman shot by oven while making waffles

a responsible gun owner stored his magazine in the oven....

"responsible gun owners" is becoming another oxymoron

Thank you so much

What a lovely idea.

Dreaming...make the one of the nuns on the bus, the new Pope

bring get Christian beliefs of caring for the poor!

Asking for help...in terms of ideas

I'd like to write a really persuasive argument for the BSA to overturn the ban on gays.
What should I tell them to persuade them?
I'm pretty certain that swearing and belittling won't persuade them since we've all seen that
when emotions are on the rise, people are not persuaded they get more rigid in their own set positions.
Thank you in advance for any ideas you are willing to share.

we need truth in advertising about guns

do an image search for women with guns or men with guns...
for the most part you see beautiful people...with guns.
Its like the old days when you saw beautiful people with cigarettes.
If the images out there were like the reality....wrinkled, pot-bellied graybeards with guns, I think we'd start generational change about guns. I'm sure that the toothless, wrinkled, cancer survivors helped dissuade the young about cigarettes....
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