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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,295

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I like the new GOP

they can't get on message, stay on message, or get their feet out of their own mouths.
Please let this continue for the next decade or more.

I demand invisible opposition at the Democratic Convention

Have a speaker ask the empty chair what they have done about any of the country's current crisis, and we see an empty chair.

Of course, way the heck over to the side, we see them abridging rights of anyone who isn't an old white male
we see them having a tantrum over Obamacare
we see them ignoring the veterans

Clint Eastwood - GOP Action Figure

Diminished old man shouting crazy things at imagined enemy:most truthful moment of the entire convention.

Bumper sticker: Win with Lyin' Ryan and Mitt the Twit

But its not rainy, they are pissing and spitting on you while they deposit your contribution.

view from a 17 year old....

An excerpt from his homework assignment (written last night while I was sleeping) on my computer this morning.

In the opening scene of HBO’s new show “The Newsroom,” written by Aaron Sorkin, Will McAvoy, a jaded news anchor, loses his composure when forced to give an answer to the question “why is America the greatest country in the world?” He gives a speech about how America is not the greatest country in the world, but it once was, and he wonders how the US can go back to being great.
I feel like a mostly agree with Will McAvoy’s points in the speech. However, I object to labeling the college student a member of the “Worst period generation period ever period!” Looking at America right now, college students aren’t in power. Maybe if they were, our situation would be just as bad, but they’re not. Admittedly, my generation does have some problems. We’re uninformed, uninterested in politics, uncaring about many important issues. That said, that doesn’t manifest in anything more than less active voters. The older generation who is in power in the United States, is also filled with people who don’t care, aren’t interested, and have no idea what they’re talking about. But many of them go out to vote following party lines, causing far more harm by increasing partisanship than the younger generation ever could by not showing up a polls. Our current no compromise, more and more extreme politicians, many of whom know just as little about the issues as the college students, as several gaffes in discussions about abortion rights, for example, reveal, are part of the older generation and elected by the older generation. It is painful that so many of my fellow students and youths don’t care about politics at all, but we’re the ones without any control over what happens. Maybe that is why voter dissatisfaction is so high and voter turnout is so low. We know that party elite will not listen to what we say and will continue to push frankly insane agendas.

I thought Scientology was the creepy religion

until I met the Romney's and they were trying to appear normal....

To help win this election, convince a non-voter to vote.

take them to the poll, watch their kids for a little while, heck buy them a beer after to celebrate their participation in the process.
If you are college age, talk to your friends and classmates.

Could Mitt get a top secret security clearance?

unexplained affluence
narcissistic personality disorder
lack of respect for rules, laws, etc

are all disqualifiers.

I just realized (sorry if you all already did)...

not only did Romney personally avoid taxes by using foreign tax havens....
but his business developed and encouraged other Americans to also avoid taxes using the entities that Romney's firm created....

so can we attribute not only his own tax avoidance but the tax avoidance of all his customers to Romney?

fun from America's Best Christian

"Jenna doesn't care what goes in her mouth. And Mitt doesn't care what comes out of his."
in response to Porn star Jenna Jameson endorsement of Mitt Romney

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