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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,295

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How do you know if a corporation is American or a foreign national?

is there a birth certificate? if so, how do you know if they renounce their american citizenship in pursuit of tax savings in other countries?

If the major stock/bond holders are foreigners, does it matter where the company is incorporated?
What if the CEO is not an American?
What if the BODs are not Americans?

How exactly do you keep foreign money/foreign influence out of elections when corporate money's can be influenced by non-American interests?

we should just give up

because any effort to improve is going to require someone/somewhere to make a sacrifice or give up something they believe is their right.

We can't stop pollution because that would impair someone's right to make the most of their resources
We can't stop killing off species because that would impair property rights
We can't improve education because that interferes with parents rights and religious beliefs
We can't have stem cell research because thats against someone's religious beliefs
We can't have gender equality because thats against someone's religious beliefs
We can't have gay+ rights because thats against someone's religious beliefs

If the supposedly reasonable people who come to DU, can't understand the basic tradeoffs of some individual choices for the common good. The rest of the country is hopeless.

the thing about guns

unlike knives for instance...

if Holmes were armed with knives, he would have been tackled by the other people because they would believe that it was possible to succeed against him

but his weapon intimidated the people because they thought they would be dead and unsuccessful if they tried to retaliate

let us just make up shit

its as likely that the idiot shooting up the Batman showing was paying homage to the red-header Bulgarian bomber (after all he colored his hair red) as it is that he's pissed off over Obamacare.

Of course it could also be that , maybe the showing was sold out or someone was sitting in his favorite seat at the theater or his girlfriend said she couldn't go to the midnight showing because she had to work on Friday.

Just stop it.

We don't know why.
He is another nutjob who probably doesn't have any coherent reason for what he did.

Gun safety NRA should be sponsoring....

1) how to identify when you and your loved ones are batshit crazy
2) how to assure that you don't murder your own family
3) how to assure your child doesn't become a mass murderer
4) how to prevent suicide with your guns
5) how to say no to family members who you don't trust with a gun

Maybe we should tell Ann and Mitt, that if he is elected.....

they become public SERVANTS answerable to us ("you people".

Romney needs a transplant

a backbone transplant to qualify to be considered a flip-flopper.
Right now, he's just slimy ooze

sad comment on Paterno's legacy

they shouldn't take his statue down, they should just turn it around...
so that JoePa can look the other way as he did in real life

things I would do retroactively

somehow retiring would not make the top of my list

1) have one more child
2) "gamble" knowing the winning outcome
3) delay buying a home (which went underwater)
4) change my investments so that I didn't take a bath in the market in 2000-2002 and again in 2007-2009.
5) take better care of my families health

speculation why Rmoney can't release his tax returns

1) he was an active partner in the binLaden Al-qaida firm
2) he was building nuclear facilities in Iran
3) his firm was responsible for safety and environmental control for the deepwater horizon oil derrick
4) his firm is selling the dehydrated fetus pills in Asia
5) he was selling WMDs to Iraq
so many wonderful possibilities
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