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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 12:50 PM
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As a woman, I need more information before I make important decisions

my top priority is what drugs are in the system of our legislature when they draft and vote on legislation.
I don't want someone with impaired judgment making a bad decision.

my religious beliefs say that infidelity and premarital sex are sins....

I don't want my tax dollars paying for sin.
Therefore, my religious beliefs require all elected officials to wear chastity devices at all times except when they are with their spouses.
And I demand that the officials are inspected every day preferably by a doctor and an engineer to show that 1) they have been chaste and 2) their chastity device is in good working order.

The Catholic Church is not against birth control. It allows you to use ineffective birth control

for family planning purposes. How about being forced to use ineffective medicine instead of being allowed to use the most effective medicine for other purposes. Should you be forced to chew on chamomile if you have a heart condition instead of using an artificial drug?
What is you were only allowed to drink green tea for high blood pressure or use beet juice for liver failure?

Thats the completely ridiculous condition that the Church has created.
Hopefully the American people will eventually see through the BS.

It seems that the GOP is only trying to block women from having sex.

They haven't been concerned about men having sex: no talk about no coverage for erectile disfunction for example.
The only way this makes any sense is that they are okay with men having sex...but since they don't want men to have sex with women (because women shouldn't have sex), then they must be promoting sex with something other than women.
But they don't want men to have sex with men...
so I guess that leaves inanimate objects and other species (beastiality).

Dear US Congress

Why are you worried (or pretending to be worried) about what some Catholic bishops have said?
The faithful Catholics have already decided for themselves that the Bishops are not to be followed.
Over 95% of Catholic women are using birth control so why are you attempting to interfere in their own observance of their faith.
I don't believe that its the Congresses right or responsibility to interpret religious observance OR enforce religious doctrine at any time.
But to try to enforce doctrine which the religions own followers to have rejected en mass is irresponsible to the extreme.
The faithful have already spoken through their own actions.
Birth control is a not a religious issue: its an issue for religious extremists.
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