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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,295

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If life gives you lemons.....

if you or someone you care about is disenfranchised from this primary season, make a vow to never again miss any election.
Fix the problem and then make sure to vote in all elections even the local multiple times a years elections.

The US middle class is in the top 1% ....

of the world economically.

As liberals, shouldn't we be equally concerned about the other human beings on our planet?
Shouldn't we be willing to share the wealth and the jobs and the industries with other countries and peoples?

We have been very privileged...and like the silver spoon portion of our society, most of that good fortune has been an accident of birth rather than something we have earned.

Trade agreements in spite of their ugly local side effects are good for the worlds populations.

The problem is not disruption due to trade agreements, it's the failure of the social safety net including job training and housing/food assistance.

We shouldn't be trade isolationists any more than we should be political isolationist.

I think the single most important change we need in this country is the ability to impeach

members of Congress or Congress as a whole.
For individual congress critters, impeachment should occur if the majority of the voters in their state want them inpeached
For Congress as a whole, if the majority of national voters wants congress impeached.
It should be on the ballot in every election.

Its actually very very green outside

My this time last year, grasses on the hills were already golden (browning).
I couldn't help myself, I planted annuals and replaced things that died during the drought.
How are you making out where you live?

I will happily vote for either Hillary or Bernie.

Reading DU saddens me.

The willingness to drive to us v them and then to belittle the opposition is how we got into this mess.
Stop thinking of the other as unintelligent or brainwashed or naive or low information.

If we can't unite or at least be civil while we are facing the evil that is Trump/Cruz/Rubio, I can't imagine what would unite us.

I don't know who will win the nomination.
I don't know who will win the election.
But I know that if ANY of the GOP wins the election, it will be worse for our children and the future.


The little blue pill can have fatal side effects...

Doctors should be required to be present whenever a gentleman uses a little blue pill.
Yes it will be inconvenient and a little embarrassing.
I'm sure the doctor would have to charge a lot more when he subscribes the medicine if he knows he has to be oncall all the time when his patient might use the little blue pill.
But its really important that we take adequate care of gentlemen's health.
Can't cut corners when it comes to safety.

Lets not show up for the next war

if they want a war..let them enlist.
Don't send our babies...send the babies of those who profit from the war machine.

why do some OPs have a by line and others say milestone?

To the DU Catholics
Milestone: 25 replies @ 4:58 PM

About those food shortages in Venezuela... "In the End, Awful Journalism"
By Catherina - 4:58 PM

two great things about the new pope

1) he's used to being completely ignored and humiliated by the civil authorities in his country!!!!
2) he seems to somewhat believe that the church should be serving the poor rather than lording it over them

My tax proposal..

Why don't you go directly to the people? Our tax forms currently ask us if we'd like to donate $3 to the presidential election....why can't that same tax return be updated to say what percentage of my taxes I want to have allocated to education, poverty, defense, corporate giveaways. Obviously it can't be 100% of the taxes paid but it could be 50%....then the government can tally where the people want their money spent. And then their states should get no more than the people living their authorized.

Wow, no one in texas thought education required funding. After a couple of years of failing schools, the parents might wake up.

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