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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,048

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good news is Cali, the anti-union 32 defeated and the pro-school 30 triumphs

yes I voted for my taxes to increase to support schools

Talk about sense of entitlement.

Romney once again shows himself to be completely classless.

My thanks to all DUers who GOTV or waited in line to vote in battleground states

your sacrifice has been making all the difference in the world to this election

Romney announcements 11/6/2012 10:59 Eastern

I retroactively retired from my position as GOP candidate for the office of President.

california ballot initiatives - DEFINITELY NO to 31,32,33

some progressives also say NO to 35 and 38..

California voters....even if the Presidential horserace is over

before you vote...
there are 9 toss-up races for the house in California.
Get all your lazy ass friends off their sofas and out to vote.

what romney believes

1) he should be president
2) everything else is negotiable or doesn't matter

next time an idiot tells you the storms are God's punishment to us

ask them why there are storms on other planets? Jupiter's had a storm which is still continuing after 300 years.

if expecting companies to provide all women's health services if promoting rape

then donating to the Catholic Church is promoting pedophilia.
just saying

Dear Congress, men have testosterone which leads them to impaired judgement

they gamble, get in fights, impregnate women they are not married to, take poor investment and business risks.
We women need to control the male populations decisions because after trillions of dollars of debt voted on my the majority male us government, its time for us, the sensible sex, to decide how our countries money is spent.

Here's the deal...no more defense toys, no more money for male performance problems, no more money to bail out companies led by testorone impaired male CEOs.

We want money for children, schools, clean air, clean water, parks, healthy food.

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