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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,298

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pretty fricking arrogant to call almost everyone's grandparents moochers

all the stay at home mom's who never worked out of their homes and retired on their spouses benefits
and all the grandfathers that worked for 40 years until they retired
or the veterans who fought in wars so that the Romney's could have a private chef while he was in Paris

moochers, every one of them

I think the difference is gratitude and empathy

I'm 1/2 generation American. I was born here but my 20 month older brother was not.
My first language was not English, although I barely speak it anymore.
My GOP loving father beat his wife and his pre-school aged children.
When my mother divorced him, she was abandoned by her family because divorce was against the religion but apparently wife and child beating were A-ok.
My father abandoned my brother and I. He didn't even bother paying the $11/week child support for 2 children.
Got married/divorced to 3 other women.
Went to Church and believed himself to be a superior human being.
Sent literally thousands to the GOP to support them: happily showed me letters from former President's that he was a pioneer or some such thing.
Died alone, not because I would have refused to see him but because his wife refused to let us know about his illness even though she had abandoned him (other than his money).
I remember receiving charity. I remember wearing used clothing. I remember being cared for by an elderly neighbor while my 20 year old mom was trying to support two children. I remember my mom taking us to a homeless shelter and soup kitchen so that would help other people instead of thinking about what we didn't have.
I don't want other children or young mothers to have it as hard as we had it.
I am grateful for all the help we received when we were needy.
I pay my taxes because I want a society where there is fewer children hungry, homeless or suffering.
I'm not a fool. I am choosing to try my little part to make the world better.
I will never support an agenda which abandons those who need our help.

Its time for Romney to go all-in

those 100's of millions sitting in tax shelters overseas...time to bring them home and try to buy your ambiton
Just because it didn't work for Whitman, doesn't mean it isn't a good idea

If Romney weren't born to money, he'd be living on the street

because he sure as heck lacks intelligence, personality, and a work ethic.

michael moore tweet at RomneyEncore

Mitt Romney's campaign is so dead the Mormons just baptized it.

News headline November 7, 2012

Mitt Romney has announced today that he retired retroactively from his Presidential campaign as of August 28, 2012.
He is not responsible for any election results, campaign mistakes or his own speeches since he was retired during the end of the election cycle.

Romney focused on campaign, screws it up

Obama, running a government as well as a campaign, gets it right.

I've frequently thought that Romney is incapable of doing two things at the same time: like thinking and speaking...

There is no way on earth, that he is capable of being president.
I realize that the GOP just wants a puppet so Romney's incompetence isn't an issue for them.
But real people understand that it takes skill to manage so many competing priorities.

The Correct Vagina Route to Success

Basically, it seems that if a child emerges from the correct vagina (or by cesearian section near proximity to the correct vagina), they are pretty much setup for life.

Sucks when you emerge from a poor, struggling vagina though.

post on facebook

For the last 4 years the most important priority for the GOP has been to make sure the black guy loses his job. Whether you or your family have a job is entirely a matter of unimportance to them.

can we find an MS sufferer that Bain caused to lose their job and health insurance

than there would be an entire trifecta of MS stories to counter Ann's plea for sympathy.
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