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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,298

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I'd like to thank President Obama

for finding OBL and not allowing him to become a martyr
for getting us out of Iraq
for making steps to assure that more Americans can have access to healthcare
for having a competent State Department
for publicly addressing anti-GLBT bigotry and evolving a little
for not forgetting to focus on the middle class but please can you focus more on those suffering in poverty
for finally taking the fight to the GOP
for having a wonderful family who are all exceptional role models
for not being a public embarrassment to the USA

while some bitch others just get it done


how did your taxes compare to Romneys?

supposedly Romney paid 13.9% tax rate and 10% tithe = 23.9% is his contribution to our society

at less than 1% of his income, I paid a total of 34.6% between taxes and charitable contributions
I guess you'll just have to agree that I love America more than Romney because I'm willing to put a lot more of my money where my mouth is.

How about you?

if the GOP wants the tax system to be fair to hard working people

make the tax rate on earned income lower and the tax rate on unearned income higher.

I don't care how hard someone thinks they worked to build wealth....
it doesn't excuse decades and generations of tax advantage compared to the work of those people who weren't lucky enough to have created wealth.

unless all those people buying chik fil a yesterday....

donated the food to someone who is hungry, it wasn't a biblical action
the bible is not about consumerism
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