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Member since: Thu Apr 20, 2006, 12:50 PM
Number of posts: 11,324

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what romney believes

1) he should be president
2) everything else is negotiable or doesn't matter

next time an idiot tells you the storms are God's punishment to us

ask them why there are storms on other planets? Jupiter's had a storm which is still continuing after 300 years.

if expecting companies to provide all women's health services if promoting rape

then donating to the Catholic Church is promoting pedophilia.
just saying

Dear Congress, men have testosterone which leads them to impaired judgement

they gamble, get in fights, impregnate women they are not married to, take poor investment and business risks.
We women need to control the male populations decisions because after trillions of dollars of debt voted on my the majority male us government, its time for us, the sensible sex, to decide how our countries money is spent.

Here's the deal...no more defense toys, no more money for male performance problems, no more money to bail out companies led by testorone impaired male CEOs.

We want money for children, schools, clean air, clean water, parks, healthy food.

another whats wrong with GOP women.....

that the GOP men think all women lie and women are too stupid to know what they are doing with their bodies and medical care?
I'm pretty sure the GOP has mothers, wives, daughters, grandmothers in addition to their mistresses.
So presumably being brought up in the GOP household leads to failure of character and low intelligence for its females.

Dems should call GOP the right-to-rape party

since they seem to think that the rapists should be rewarded for their rapes by begetting offspring.
This is a suggestion from my non-political hubby

The funniest thing about calling Obama a muslim from Kenya.....

Kenya is more Christian than the US....
Of course, that would be inconvenient for the GOP RW nuts.

Consolation prize for Romney?

we won't pick him as President but we'll support him as a historic site (representing America of 1917)

another response to Romney's 1917 defense (from twitter)

Eche Madubuike ‏@EcheMadubuike
Mitt Romney’s 1917 military plan matches his 1917 energy plan, and his 1917 era views on women's rights! #horsesandbayonets #debates

We need to partner with China

to help China?
Gee when is China going to put American interests in front of its own interests
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