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Ghost Dog

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Canary Islands Archipelago
Home country: Spain
Member since: Wed Apr 19, 2006, 01:59 PM
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Brit gone native. Cooperative member. Ecology. Cartography. Programming. Music production.

Journal Archives

Racist nutter's "Global Britain vision" (Farage)

In DU Foreign Affairs...

Racist nutter's "Global Britain vision" (Farage)

10 JUNE 2016 • 4:53PM

... Central to my vision of Britain after June 23 is that our Parliament is sovereign, empowered and able to make all of the big decisions, rather than leaving it to those unelected old men in Brussels...

... The vision for Brexit Britain is a global one... After leaving the EU we would be able to treat all who wanted to come here on an equal basis, strengthening our proud ties to our kith and kin in the Commonwealth... We would no longer be acting as Little Europeans, but a Global Britain.

... My vision is a Britain engaging in global trade, forging ahead with new relationships and deals that would make Britain an engine room for job creation, rather than being constrained by the EU’s outdated customs union.

So there you go: that’s my vision. A strong Britain, controlling our borders, looking after the well-being of our own citizens first and leading on the world stage, rather than being dragged along and told what to do by Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker...


No single market access for UK after Brexit, Wolfgang Schäuble says

In DU Foreign Affairs...

No single market access for UK after Brexit, Wolfgang Schäuble says

... Commentators in Germany point out that Germany has more to lose from a Brexit than a segment of its export market and that the government was able to sideline economic interest to diplomacy in its relationship with Russia.

Until recently, the assumption in Berlin’s political circles had been that Schäuble’s finance ministry was more open than others to the idea of keeping open a back door for renegotiating some form of associate membership for Britain after an out vote.

But the interview in Der Spiegel, which will be published on Saturday but has been seen by the Guardian, indicates a less flexible stance. “Europe will also work without Britain if necessary,” Schäuble said. “At some point, the British will realise they have taken the wrong decision. And then we will accept them back one day, if that’s what they want.”...

... While warning that it would be a “miracle” if there were no economic drawbacks for Britain following a withdrawal, Schäuble also admitted that a Brexit could have dramatic consequences for the rest of the European Union...


SPIEGEL: Why is it better for the EU if the British remain? They have repeatedly distanced themselves from the EU in recent years.

Schäuble: Britain is one of the strongest economies in the EU, and London is Europe's largest financial centre. Britain plays a leading role in all matters of foreign and security policy. That is why Europe is stronger with Britain than without it. Besides, the UK consistently advocates market-based solutions in Brussels, which frequently makes it an ally of the German government. And, in my view, one cannot have enough British pragmatic rationality in Europe.

SPIEGEL: And why is it better for the British to remain in the EU?

Schäuble: Britain is economically very closely integrated with its European partner countries. Were these ties to be cut, it would be a huge step backwards for the country and would weaken it considerably. In the era of globalisation, "splendid isolation" is not a smart option...


My take: Germany will make sure UK suffers economically for Brexit, even at some economic cost to itself, because the future of the whole EU project is at stake, and because, for all concerned, it is better to have UK in EU than out.

Argentina Demands Dialogue With Britain On Disputed Malvinas/Falklands

In DU Latin America...

CO2 turned into stone in Iceland in climate change breakthrough

... The unique project promises a cheaper and more secure way of burying CO2 from fossil fuel burning underground, where it cannot warm the planet. Such carbon capture and storage (CCS) is thought to be essential to halting global warming, but existing projects store the CO2 as a gas and concerns about costs and potential leakage have halted some plans.

The new research pumped CO2 into the volcanic rock under Iceland and sped up a natural process where the basalts react with the gas to form carbonate minerals, which make up limestone. The researchers were amazed by how fast all the gas turned into a solid – just two years, compared to the hundreds or thousands of years that had been predicted...

... Matter said the only thing holding back CCS was the lack of action from politicians, such as putting a price on carbon emissions: “The engineering and technology of CCS is ready to be deployed. So why do we not see hundreds of these projects? There is no incentive to do it.”...

... One potential challenge for the new technique is that it requires large amounts of water: 25 tonnes for each tonne of CO2 buried. But Matter said seawater could be used, which would be in plentiful supply at coastal sites. Another is that subterranean microbes might break down carbonate to methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, but this was not seen in the Iceland research...


Research paper: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/352/6291/1312

*Nb. "Monroe Doctrine"

The Monroe Doctrine was a U.S. foreign policy regarding domination of the Americas in 1823. It stated that further efforts byEuropean nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention.[1] At the same time, the doctrine noted that the United States would neither interfere with existing European colonies nor meddle in the internal concerns of European countries. The Doctrine was issued in 1823 at a time when nearly all Latin American colonies of Spain and Portugal had achieved or were at the point of gainingindependence from the Portuguese and Spanish Empires.


I think Russia would like to economically and socially develop

the federated territories it already occupies, defend its borders, and do useful business with neighbors and the rest of the world.

I think the Imperialist urge is located elsewhere, these days.

Local press Puerto Rico, lunes, 6 de junio de 2016 - 1:21 AM


Con el 69.25% de las unidades reportadas, Clinton tenía 36,026 votos mientras que Sanders alcanzaba 22,768. Un tercer candidato, “Rocky” Roque de la Fuente, tenía 227 votos. Otros candidatos tenían 1,650 sufragios, para un total de 60,671 votantes.

With 69.25 % of the units reported , Clinton had 36.026 votes while Sanders reached 22,768 . A third candidate , " Rocky" Roque de la Fuente, had 227 votes. Other candidates had 1 ,650 votes, for a total of 60,671 voters.

Here's one strong reason why she needs to be careful

with media watching:

... Kessler explained in the book that when Mrs Clinton is in public, she smiles and acts graciously.

'As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident,' he wrote.

'Hillary Clinton can make Richard Nixon look like Mahatma Gandhi.'...

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