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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: MO
Home country: USA
Current location: Indianapolis, IN
Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2006, 03:12 AM
Number of posts: 17,621

Journal Archives

Ever wonder what happens to the wives and mothers of men who turn to Islamic extremism?

Fascinating story of what is happening to the women of the Caucasus region when the men in their lives become radicalized.


"Blessed are the children . . .

for they shall inherit the national debt." -- Tonight's Chinese fortune cookie. I hardly know whether to laugh or cry.

"I Like My Beer Like I Like My Violence: Domestic."

Bar sign in Dallas sparks outrage.


What idiot at that bar thought that would be funny?

For Maya Angelou:

13 of her best quotes:


Watching "The World War" on History Channel.

In World War I, Hitler served as a messenger -- very dangerous duty. One day while carrying out his duties, he encountered a lone British soldier. The soldier raised his weapon; but could not bring himself to pull the trigger, so Hitler escaped. Even without that British soldier, why oh why couldn't Hitler have been killed in WWI, as so many of other Germans were?

To me, this is still the most appropriate song for Memorial Day:

Man Hides in Teen's Closet For Five Days; Mom Unaware

Now I ask you, just how stupid do you have to be . . . Oh, Lord.


Remember Piper the dog? Happy ending for him:


The new Godzilla is great! Must see!

No silly guy in a rubber suit tearing up cardboard buildings and throwing Matchbox cars around this time. Oh, no -- 21st-century Godzilla gets top-notch production values, great locations, and scary adversaries. The acting is so good it often makes you believe that these really are people responding to what is happening to them. There is a casting surprise that nobody has mentioned (hint: take a good look at the Navy guys and see if you don't spot a familiar face among them). See it now, because it was designed for properly equipped conventional theaters and IMAX; I don't think it will translate well to the small screen.

Well. I'm off to see a movie about a certain oversized lizard.

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