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Gender: Female
Hometown: MO
Home country: USA
Current location: Indianapolis, IN
Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2006, 03:12 AM
Number of posts: 17,621

Journal Archives

Watching "Where Eagles Dare" on AMC. *snore*

Who e er thought a movie about a WWII covert operation could be so slow-moving?

MSNBC is showing "Caught on Camera: Revolution" right now.

It's footage of revolutions, like Arab Spring and Occupy, all over the world. It's stunning and horrifying.

Guess who gets hit with sequestration tomorrow?

90% of the DOD's civilian workforce, according to the crawl at the bottom of MSNBC coverage of the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington. 90%! Thanks for the memories, Repugs.

Dear Repugs: A certain Old Testament prophet would like to have a word with you:

Woe to those who make unjust laws,
to those who issue oppressive decrees,

To deprive the poor of their rights
And withhold justice from the oppressed of my people,
making widows their prey
and robbing the fatherless.

What will you do on the day of reckoning,
When disaster comes from afar?
To whom will you run for help?
Where will you leave your riches?

Nothing will remain but to cringe among the captives
or fall among the slain.

Isaiah 10:1-4. (NIV)

Wow, Big Ed is really on fire about infrastructure today.

And Sherrod Brown is right: we have what we could very much call an infrastructure debt we are leaving our kids. And shouldn't this be a nonpartisan issue? Who wants to drive across a bridge and wonder if it's going to collapse??

And no more Taylor Swift!

I just took some trash down to the dumpster in the basement, and there was a note taped to the door from the building manager asking that we keep our music down; he had been getting complaints. Below the note, someone else had written, "And no more Taylor Swift!".

Older DUers: Remember "Go Ask Alice?"

I saw it today at Barnes & Noble. If it ever was out of print, it's back. 1971. Wow. I was 13 then.

My black cat Brigid is getting white hairs that weren't there before.

She will be eight this summer. She has always had a few white hairs here and there in her otherwise black coat, but now there seem to be more. Has anyone else noticed that with a black cat?

I just returned to the United Methodist Church.

To make a long story short, I had been going to either Methodist or Presbyterian (mostly Methodist) churches all my life. But when I moved from Indy back to Terre Haute back in 2006, I started going to a Catholic church there and converted in 2008, which I had been considering doing on and off for years. But I never felt quite at home there. When I moved back to Indy about a year and a half ago, I started attending a parish here, but felt that something was missing. I no longer enjoyed Mass and just felt frustrated. This morning I went to the Methodist church I used to attend when I lived here before (I even sang in the choir back then). I hadn't attended Mass in weeks, so I had lost track and didn't realize that it was Pentecost. The sanctuary was decorated with red banners and a red drape over the cross in the chancel. Because it had been more than ten years since I had last been in there, I did not recognize anyone. Still, the service was moving, and I know what John Wesley meant when he wrote of his heart being "strangely warmed." I'm so happy!

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