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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: MO
Home country: USA
Current location: Indianapolis, IN
Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2006, 03:12 AM
Number of posts: 17,621

Journal Archives

It's 8:30 pm and it's almost dark already.

Where did the summer go?

And don't call me "baby girl!'

I hate that!

No good deed goes unpunished.

Back in the '90's, Aaron Feurstein made national and even international news when he rebuilt his family's textile mill when it burned down, instead of taking the insurance money and retiring or rebuilding in the South, as many textile manufacturers from New England were doing at the time. I remember hearing about this back then. But I never heard what happened later, until I ran across this.


Sympathy boycott! Sympathy boycott!

Who's with me? This totally rocks!


"Somebody please put me back in the fridge."

--Sylvester Stallone, "Demolition Man."

Never saw this before; just ran into it on AMC. How come nobody ever told me how funny it is?

Funniest ad placrment ever!

An ad for expedia.com on a show about dangerous airports!

Just saw something infuriating on, of all things, "Modern Marvels."

It was a show about wood and lumberyards.They got to talking about lumberyards specializing in rare and exotic woods. One lumberyard staffer showed off a beautiful piece from a species of tree indigenous to Africa. He said it was worth about $2,000, and was likely destined to become a conference table placed in some elite corporate boardroom. I can only guess what that table will be worth once it is finished.

So the fat cat 1% need a conference table worth many thousands of dollars to sit around while they talk about yet another way to screw the rest of us?

OMG! You gotta see this!

Tommy Lee Jones in a Japanese coffee commercial!

OK, which DVD shall it be tonight? I'm in the mood for belly-laugh comedy.

Blazing Saddles? O Brother Where Art Thou? Young Frankenstein? Trading Places? Blues Brothers? Ferris Beuller? Home Alone? Animal House? Major League? Bull Durham? I have others too.

Something else struck me that has gotten little attention.

Remember that scene where Max was forced by his boss to enter that radioactive area and got trapped there? They took him to sick bay, and he was coldly told by a medical robot that he had been exposed to radiation and would die in five days. "Thank you for your service," the robot says. Wow.
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