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Member since: Thu Mar 16, 2006, 03:07 PM
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On the eve of the election...some inspiration




Court 4 #NYPrimary voter purge case @ 9am is at 100 Federal Plaza, Central Islip, NY if u want 2 peacefully assemble #FeelTheBern

TOM TOMORROW: Still More Primary Phenomena


It's so true...

Can anyone tell me where I can see election results without superdelegates? n/t

MAJOR UPDATE!!! The number of ACTUAL PEOPLE vs SURROGATES in Laramie County


DU'er passiveporcupine has alerted me to a news report with very different numbers from those flying around twitter. Since this is from an accredited news agency, I am going to assume these numbers are correct. I am deeply sorry if I misrepresented the totals yesterday. Twitter was quite active with the numbers I originally posted, and I did not see anywhere these numbers. I do think they are more accurate, however. Please accept my most sincere apology.

CHEYENNE – Of Laramie County’s 51 delegates up for grabs during Saturday’s Democratic caucus, 26 went to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 25 went to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

More Sanders supporters than Clinton hopefuls cast ballots at the caucus event, held in Central High’s gymnasium. But Clinton came up on enough surrogate, or absentee, ballots to give her a slight edge over the Vermont senator.

In total, just over 800 Laramie County voters showed up to make their presidential preference known, and 621 people turned in surrogate ballots.

Of those in-person voters, 329 sided with Clinton and 474 were for Sanders.

Of the more than 600 surrogate ballots received, 402 went in favor of Clinton and a mere 215 went to Sanders.

Clinton received 731 of those 1,430 total votes while Sanders took 689 – a 42-vote difference.


@WilburnZac MSNBC said Laramie co had little over 800 show up. Bern got 689. Hill 111.Then 625 surrogates votes for hill came in.She won by 47

Very suspicious. The neighboring county of Albany went to Berni 669-191. Laramie is the most populated county.

Another post on twitter states:

Phoenix Dragon ‏@1PhoenixDragon 35m"There is a provision for surrogate voting. But surrogate means there has to be a person acting as surrogate." #Wyoming #WY #Wyo #WYCaucus

The question is, can one person carrying in a box of surrogate votes be the surrogate for all 625 of them?

ON EDIT: Now trending on twitter that there must be a person for each surrogate ballot. Not sure if it is true. Predicting this will be challenged.

UPDATE: It's being reported that people are starting to challenge the surrogates. Must have 1 person per surrogate.

WHOA!!! Harper's -- Clintons’ charitable enterprise is a vehicle to launder money and enrich friends

This article is from November 2015. How did it get such little attention? This is shocking stuff! Holy Shit! If the Republicans have all of this information from their Benghazi hearings and they are just sitting on it - then the democrats are fucked!!!. They have all they need to annihilate Hillary in the general. Is this why the FBI is taking so long? Holy shit!!!

Shaky Foundations
The Clintons’ so-called charitable enterprise has served as a vehicle to launder money and to enrich family friends.
By Ken Silverstein

...One money-laundering expert and former intelligence officer based in the Middle East who had access to the foundation’s confidential banking information told me that members of royal families in Middle Eastern countries, including Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, have donated money to the CGEP that has then been sluiced through to the Clinton Foundation. He added that the CGEP has also received money from corrupt officials in South Africa during the regime of Jacob Zuma and from senior officials in Equatorial Guinea, one of the most brutal and crooked dictatorships in the world. “Equatorial Guinea doesn’t give to the Clinton Foundation in New York because it’s too embarrassing,” he said. “They give the money anonymously in Canada and that buys them political protection in the United States. The Clinton Foundation is a professionally structured money-laundering operation.”


“I can’t say for certain that it’s illegal because I don’t have access to all the financial information but at best they are skating along the edge,” the source added. “They get away with it because the major media outlets are too lazy to look into it but the Benghazi Committee has access to the key information, and so do government agencies like the IRS, the SEC and the FEC. If you put together the information that all of these agencies have it’s obvious that the foundation is a fraud.”


Bill and Hillary Clinton have in tandem made enormous sums of money since Bill left the White House. According to the Washington Post, they netted at least $136.5 million between 2001 and 2012. “All the Benghazi committee has to do is match up Hillary’s travel as secretary of state with Bill’s speaking arrangements,” my source in the Middle East said. “Bill heads out to foreign countries and he gets paid huge amounts of money for a thirty-minute speech and then she heads out for an official visit as a favor. She racked up more miles than any secretary of state and that’s one of the reasons why. How can they get away with that? The committee is either corrupt or incompetent, or both.”

There are other signs that the Clintons and their foundation may have violated federal, state, and international law. Under Treasury Department money-laundering rules, the Clinton Foundation is required to disclose every financial account it holds abroad. It has failed to disclose an account linked to the CGEP on its past eight tax returns.


Its biggest donors include some truly wonderful people and countries. There are, to name a few, the torture-happy, terror-exporting government of Saudi Arabia; a foundation controlled by Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian oligarch accused of bribery and corruption; and Frank Giustra, a penny-stock artist who became filthy rich with the generous assistance of Bill Clinton. In 2008, a former Kazakh official told reporters that Giustra, who established the CGEP with Clinton, donated millions to the foundation after Clinton helped him purchase uranium deposits in Kazakhstan. (At the time, Giustra denied this claim, pointing out that he had been engaged in mining deals in Kazakhstan since the 1990s.)

The Clinton Foundation has received more than $1 billion over the years to purchase HIV/AIDS drugs for poor people in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. However, a unit set up to receive the money—the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, Inc., which was run by Ira Magaziner, a Clinton administration veteran with close ties to Hillary—clearly spent far, far less than it took in. In fact, the unit’s accounting practices were so shoddy that its license was revoked by the state of Massachusetts, where it was headquartered.


Panama Papers: With Saudi and Russian ties, Clinton machine’s tentacles are far reaching

There is no way I can do this article justice due to Fair Use rules. Each sentence is a paragraph. You MUST follow the link to read this very damaging article.

With Saudi and Russian ties, Clinton machine’s tentacles are far reaching, according to Panama Papers
The Podesta Group, a lobbying firm headed by Clinton operatives, has made a pretty penny working for Saudi & Russia
Ben Norton

...Hillary Clinton herself is not directly implicated, just one of her biggest campaign bundlers. What is more important about the story, however, is not that it exposes some kind of nefarious Russian plot — as questionable “NSA spook” author John Schindler appears to suggest with Cold War-esque hand-wringing in his Observer article — but rather that the Clinton machine is ultimately loyal to the dollar and to the dollar alone...


...The Saudi regime is one the largest donors to the Clinton Foundation. It has poured between $10 million and $25 million into the organization, which has been accused of carrying out an international money laundering scheme.

Perhaps most egregious of all, huge arms deals approved by Hillary Clinton’s State Department also happened to place weapons in the hands of governments that donated money to the Clinton Foundation — including the autocratic Gulf regimes in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar — an investigation the International Business Times found.

Moreover, Bill Clinton has garnered enormous fees for speeches in Saudi Arabia, investigative reporter Michael Isikoff points out, including $600,000 for two talks while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

In his report on the Clinton machine’s ties to Saudi Arabia, Isikoff also notes that two “of the Clinton lobbyist-bundlers, Richard Sullivan and David Jones, are principals in a firm that, until late last year, represented the Russia Direct Investment Fund, a sovereign wealth fund co-founded by Vladimir Putin when he was prime minister.”

All of these actors are moving parts in the enormous Clinton machine, which has its tentacles everywhere, and — as journalist Matt Taibbi infamously wrote of Goldman Sachs — “relentlessly jams its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.


Too much.

I have never seen such an incredibly massive, impeccably orchestrated hit job as I am seeing in the works right now. The MSM is involved, the blogosphere is involved, and it trickles down here to places like DU. He is being attacked and hit like a boxer against the ropes. Boom! Boom! Boom! It doesn't matter if he's down. Hit him more. It doesn't matter that the match is won - knock him out!!

Bernie's campaign will not survive this. I know it. We all know it.

But it is probably the most short sighted political tactic I have ever seen.

I cannot and will not ever be able to join or back a candidate that uses this kind of this massive, corporate media-backed misinformation and smear job as I am watching before my very eyes. I want to scream, NO!!! STOP IT!! This is not good!! It's not good for the big picture!! It's not good for the party!!

The machine is now fully exposed and it is waaaay too big. Too powerful. Those of you who back this, beware.

Hit after hit after hit of false representation of his words, his interviews, his ideas.

This is not being a democrat, this is Tammany Hall. On steroids. This is something so ugly, so big, so massive, so pervasive.

Democracy is dead.

What I don't understand is why. Of course we can do math. Hillary has this. So why are they destroying one of the greatest political movements of core democratic values we've seen in decades? Why don't they just let this thing ride to the end and then accept Bernie's crowd into the fold? Why are they slashing and burning us to oblivion? We will not "come around". They are fracturing the party. But, why?

And if anyone thinks, with Time Warner Cable being one of her top donors that Net Neutrality will survive the next 4 years, you are living in a dream world. The one area where the media and the powers that be have not been able to control the message has been the internet. This will be the last internet supported campaign. Good by net neutrality.

I will not support ANY of this. Never. Such a shame. I really liked both candidates, I just preferred one over the other. But when this is over, I'm out. I cannot support this machine.

Bill Clinton Labor Sec Robert Reich: Bernie "absolutely correct" in Daily News, criticism "bonkers".

Bill Clinton Labor Sec Robert Reich: Bernie "absolutely correct" in Daily News, criticism "bonkers".
By InteGritty
Wednesday Apr 06, 2016 · 2:56 PM EST

Another day, another liberal lion with serious economic chops slams the Clinton campaign’s bizarre attempt to suggest Bernie’s Daily News interview showed any diminished understanding of his own bank break-up plan:

(LINK to Reich’s statement here)

Pretty elegant and self-explanatory.

Secretary Reich served in three Democratic Presidential administrations and, after leaving government work, has written extensively on economics and economic policy from a left/liberal perspective. He wisely endorsed Bernie Sanders for President in late February.

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