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Name: Home Boy
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Hell, Michigan
Home country: The Great Satan
Current location: I don't know.
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2006, 12:49 AM
Number of posts: 31,493

About Me

I am voting for Bernie Sanders.

Journal Archives

Yea well I don't control who is calling what "terrorism". A witch hunt in the USA is not acceptable

now or ever. Occupy = terrorists, save the whale = terrorists, save the trees = terrorists, protect the land = terrorists. I am not afraid of those kinds of terrorists. I'm more concerned about the idiot texting while driving than any real terrorist. It's irrational to spend so damned much money on a secret unaccountable monster over a band of maybe 3000 criminals. The damned power hungry military monsters have used 911 and everything since to build themselves up. Our country starts this shit by interfering with other countries, killing innocent people which creates more terrorists and then they want to spy on me? Some husband who had his family killed by one of our drones decides to get back at the US. That's not a terrorist. Our military plants a base in an Islamic country and it pisses off the Muslims and we thumb our noses at em ...they attack us and they are terrorists? I fear what our own government is doing much more than any real terrorists. Everyone can go play the fearful soccer mom but leave me the hell out of it.

Democracy in the USA is like a zombie. It's dead and it doesn't know it.

A corrupt corporate ass licking SCOTUS ...political campaigns financed by the 1% ...US diplomats shilling for Monsanto GMO ...a morphed right wing Democratic party ...might as well call it the Demoplican party ...congress with less that a 10 % approval ...more war on the way like that's what the US people want ...less transparency ...indefinite detention ...militarized police force used against protestors ...demonstrators jailed ...eco greens = terrorists ...unfulfilled POTUS promises ...buck being passed around or ping ponged ...reframing ...framing ...false equivalency ...attacks on journalists and their sources ...banksters continue to sell packaged bullshit as derivatives cause they know their buddies will bale them out with the tax payer fools money ...pffft

Yea I will vote Dem but I will feel like I am just another voting zombie.

This is how it starts.

<>Over 900 people have been arrested across Turkey for what the authorities called a security measure.

Bet me this doesn't turn out to go full scale!
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