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Gender: Female
Hometown: Delaware
Home country: USA
Current location: Delaware
Member since: Sun Feb 26, 2006, 07:30 PM
Number of posts: 82,114

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You would need more than just the WH

In fact we should start from the bottom. There would not be nearly as much money involved in Congressional races. People ignore them and focus on the POTUS. That's where the problem lies and why the money has so much power.

You could have Hugo Chavez himself in the WH - nothing would happen, because Congress is part of the equation.

I live in a blue state but the state representative district is very red. So the work cut out for me is that state district - the real work. Dreaming about Dennis K in the WH - even if that came true, your "disappointment" would set in the first time he had to compromise to keep the government going.

We do have a system that can make changes without violent revolutions. We aren't Egypt and don't have to suffer through things like that. Look at our history, and we have come a long way.


We had to get up to change the channel on TV. Actually walk over to the TV to change it. And we only had 4 channels that worked. The dial only went to 13, and the ones that didn't work had snow only.

We had only one phone in the house and it was attached with a cord. You actually had to stay by the phone to talk on it. When it rant you had to go pick it up with no idea who was on the other end. If you called somebody who was not home, all you got was endless ringing. No way to leave a message unless there was someone there. And they had to write it down.

In the car all we had were radios. No record players in cars! No phones. No GPS. We had to use a map - a paper map - to find directions.
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