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John1956PA's Journal
John1956PA's Journal
February 26, 2015

In the 1990s Jim Traficant expounded on the conflicting Mexico City reports on Oswald.

In the 1990s in his Sunday morning half-hour television show, Washington Update, Representative Traficant delved into certain disturbing questions such as the 1991 death of Danny Casolaro, a free-lance writer who investigated scandals such as the Iran-Contra Affair http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danny_Casolaro , and variances in descriptions given by witnesses of Oswald in Mexico City in September/October 1963. According to Rep. Traficant, one witness described Oswald as "stocky." Rep. Traficant also expounded on the fact that security surveillance photographs from the date on which Oswald is said to have visited the Russian Embassy in Mexico City have disappeared.

I appreciate your post containing the article which takes O'Really and his ghost writer to task for their schlock book on the JFK assassination. For years, I have ruminated on many the the details which are so well covered in the article.

It is always interesting to find a new corner of the tragedy to explore.

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