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ladym55's Journal
ladym55's Journal
September 19, 2015

Get to know John Kasich

Yes, I know he is (fortunately) polling very low in the contest to see who gets to drive the Klown Kar, but after every debate, some semi-reasonable person will refer to John Kasich as the adult in the room or the popular governor (only when Ohio Democrats form a circular firing squad and forget to vet their gubernatorial candidate). My great fear is that after Donald Trump has imploded, Ben Carson has performed brain surgery on himself, and Carly Fiorina is hit by lightning after one too many lies, Kasich will be the Republican nominee, and M$M will spend the rest of the cycle telling the gullible American public what a success he has been in Ohio and what a moderate he is.

So here is some helpful information you can share with family, friends, and coworkers. I'm using Plunderbund (http://www.plunderbund.com/) as my source. It is a blog that does advocacy journalism that actually forces Ohio M$M to do their jobs from time to time.

First, let's look at John Kasich, job creator: August 2015 marks the 34th straight month that job creation in Ohio has lagged behind the U.S. Ohio still has not recovered the jobs lost in the recession of 2008. Gee, and we wonder why people keep moving away from Ohio. (http://www.plunderbund.com/2015/09/19/john-kasichs-ohio-34-straight-months-of-below-average-job-growth/)

And what about the children? Ohio's poverty rate for children continues to rise, especially for children of color. In three of Ohio's major cities, almost half of the children live in poverty. I'll skip our appalling infant mortality rate for now, but that especially galls when we consider how much attention Kasich and Ohio Republicans focus on Right to Life issues (http://www.plunderbund.com/2015/09/19/john-kasichs-ohio-number-of-children-in-poverty-continues-to-rise/).

Then there is the giant disaster and waste of taxpayer money known as Ohio's charter schools. Ohio is known as the "wild west" of charter schools, where big-donor for-profit charter schools gobble down billions of public tax dollars and produce failed schools. Right now we are looking at "Chartergate," where David Hansen (husband of Beth Hansen, head of Johnny's presidential campaign), Ohio's school choice chief, withheld performance data on failed charter schools to make them look better. That is not going well for Hansen or the DOE (http://www.plunderbund.com/2015/09/05/here-are-the-documents-that-prove-kasichs-education-department-needs-to-be-investigated). Then there is the recent Ohio Supreme Court ruling that allows for-profit failed charter management companies to retain all assets once they have been removed from running a failed school. It sure helps that the management company in question, White Hat, is a really big Republican donor in Ohio, with big, fat contributions to the Supreme Court justices (http://www.plunderbund.com/2015/09/16/big-donations-big-win-ohio-supreme-court-gives-white-hat-permission-to-pillage-own-schools/)

This is just a overnight glimpse of John Kasich, man of the people. I am paying close attention to him and to the M$M who is trying to sell us this snake oil salesman.

September 13, 2015

It's not always cool to be in the Top Ten

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting today that Ohio is number THREE nationally for food insecurity. Makes me proud to be an Ohio resident for sure. According to the article, "Advocates for the poor blame the increase on a state decision to cut off food stamps to tens of thousands of Ohioans."


“Wage stagnation, unemployment or underemployment, part-time or contingent work – this is the new norm for Ohio,” said Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks.

Boy, oh, boy, sure glad that Kasich is working to bring his compassionate conservatism to the rest of the country.

September 9, 2015

Time to Be the Canaries in the Coal Mine

Remember how Sherrod Brown always wears a lapel pin with a canary in a cage? It represents the canary in the coal mine that warned miners of danger. We can play that role when it comes to John Kasich's run for the White House. He is gaining in popularity and M$M is gushing about what a moderate he is.

We know better. We live here. We know what he did to local government budgets. We know how he has attacked public workers and unions. We know his Medicaid expansion was a cynical ploy to make himself look good outside of Ohio. We know how he has attacked access to women's health care. We know about the disasters of charter schools and the millions in public dollars pulled from public education to underperforming for-profit charters. We know that one child in four in Ohio is living in poverty and that our Infant Mortality Rate is either 47 or 48 (I've heard both numbers). We know that we are lagging behind much of the rest of the country in job growth.

Let's get the word out--especially to friends and relatives who don't live in Ohio. We need people all across the US to know just what John Kasich is all about.

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