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Member since: Thu Jan 26, 2006, 11:20 PM
Number of posts: 26,524

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Books are my stumbling block.

I hate to throw away books, but I really don't know where to get rid of them! I put some on eBay, not much luck. We do not have a decent-sized library here to donate them to.

The Literacy Council used to have a big used book sale here, but they no longer bother. I wonder if books are forever.

I also have old yearbooks, not only mine, but from my kids! I actually do look at mine occasionally.

I stopped buying magazines years ago. Waste of time, space, and money!

On edit..... great place to leave some kinds of magazines -- the Laundromat!

Is this the best MAIL puller ever invented? (video)

Those kids in the second picture say it all. WTF?

I cannot even begin to imagine the mentality of grown men dressing up like GI Joe or storm troopers and parading around in public. You just know they never served in the military. They are warped.

That third picture is odd.... I thought the guy in the white suit was on "their" side from other pictures I looked at. The goon who is manhandling him is the same miscreant from the second picture. Hope someone ID's him.

I'm very sorry for your loss, NRL.

We lost two of our corgis in the past seven months. It's a terrible thing to go through. I don't think I ever want to go through it again.

So sad and shocking about your Boxer.

Thanks for checking in, retrowire.

I haven't been here much lately either. I think I've lost the will to write as well as fight. "Dormant" is the perfect word for it. All I want to do is sleep.

Of course, that is just what "they" want. They hope they will wear us down. We'll come back though... and we will be tan, ready and rested!

Just sitting here, waiting for some of those centipede shoes to drop.....

You bet. I wanted to be a cowgirl like Dale Evans.

I didn't become one.

BSA creates new merit badges: (From Twitter)


Approval at 36%.

Still too high, IMO. If his base is around 27% (read that somewhere today), then 9% need a swift kick.

And where are the missing 5%? Maybe they are in a coma.

Tillerson has been unhappy for awhile.

Reportedly, he has been unable to staff the State Dept. as he would like.

Or maybe he can't overturn the sanctions, thanks to Congress. Who knows?! Whoever gets the position will be worse though. We can count on that.

Peppers are doing well this year!

I bought some cool looking purple bell peppers at the May Market and they are really doing well. Also, green bell, jalapeņo, and Hungarian wax.

Got a few little tomatoes but the blight is back despite vigorous spraying. No cukes yet, but lots of blossoms and healthy vining.

Herbs in pots are all doing great. I also bought lemon basil, but wasn't sure how to use it in recipes. BTW, is purple basil edible? I have a pot of that and it's really pretty.
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