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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 08:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

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Question about posting in Greatest Threads

How come when I hit "post" and then go to select a forum, "Greatest Threads" disappears from the menu?

Everyone else seems to be able to post there except me.

Are there any farms in Missouri?

I mean, I drove to St. Louis once. Even went up the elevator/thing in the arch and watched the movie downstairs about how they built it (complete with the surprise ending because the south half gets more sun).

Now, maybe things have changed, and maybe my memory isn't so good, but I seem to remember a lot of farms. And not just any farms, but farms with livestock.

You know, mammals.

Mammals, as farmers get real good at knowing, because it don't work at all like chickens, but mammals reproduce by a male and a female contributing a gamete to an ovum, which is then gestated in the female.

I mean, they HAVE to know this in Missouri, because no matter what book of the Bible they use for sex ed in public school, they raise MAMMALS. And I don't mean by adopting them from the SPCA, I mean they BREED the damned things.

Now I am sure they never took into account the "legitimacy" by which those proceedings are conducted. Heck, because of the risk of injury, and to preserve genetics, they mostly use some form of artificial insemination. By the time these kids are 12, they know how to get semen from a bull and where to put it in the cow.

This CANNOT be a mystery to the vast majority of Missouriables (or whatever they are called).

I mean, I guess whether or not it is legitimate on the farm depends on whether or not the female is in heat.

You see, unlike humans, most mammals will only mate when the female is fertile.

Human females are different. It's like they are in HEAT ALL THE TIME! And you know how crazy females in heat are. They are dangerous, and there's just no controlling them.

The Martians Had It Coming To Them

Bombing the moon was unprovoked aggression.

But this? This is payback for what they did to us in the 1930's.

The musical version? Who knew?

70% Chance of Tropical Cyclone Formation....

The one with the red circle around it. Edit: (I see I linked to a live graphic)

Eight days to Tampa.

Drunk driving and sex with teachers

You know what? A lot of people get drunk, drive home, don't hit a thing and harm nobody.

That happens every night in your town - drunks, driving home, and no problem.

So, how about this. How about we make it illegal to drive drunk ONLY if you hit something or someone. No harm, no foul.

There's a reason we don't do it that way. We make it illegal to drive drunk not because there's anything wrong with someone driving drunk - as long as they don't hit anyone. We do it to try to discourage drunk driving and prevent it from happening.

Now, on this teacher sex thing. I agree that states allow anyone from 16, 17 and 18 years up - depending on the state - to have consensual sex with anyone. And, I agree, a 20-something teacher and an 18 year old student may have a perfectly legitimate relationship.

But it is very much like the situation with drunk drivers. The structure of authority in the school-student relationship increases the likelihood of social harms we would like to avoid in the course of educating the young public.

My theory on why Mitt won't disclose

Buried in the reportage of Mitt's 13% answer was the SPECIFIC QUESTION he deflected - It was along the lines of:

In 2008 and 2009 many wealthy Americans had large capital losses, bringing their taxes close to zero, what did you pay in 2008 and 2009?

Romney's answer suggests that when everyone else had huge write-offs from deductible losses, he didn't.

Hey Mitt, how'd you win when everyone else lost?

Romney's money has more foreign policy experience than he does

Does Romney use magic rocks to read his taxes?

Oh, okay, so Mitt went and looked at his taxes, and has now cleared everything up. We can't see the taxes, but he has them, and he's said he read them, and he paid 13% or more.

I seem to recall some figure in history who had something that only he could read, but nobody else was allowed to see.

Sen. Coburn - dancing with birthers..

When will they ever learn? Of you flirt with birthers, you get your fingers burned.

The nugget at the end of this tedious video is Sen. Coburn promising a constituent thst he will get in touch with Sheriff Joe Arpaio concerning the results of his birth certificate investigation.

IMHO, LDS leadership is perfectly aware of Mitt's taxes

I find it puzzling that some think Mitt may be hiding his taxes because it would show he's been stiffing the LDS church.

Because it seems to me, based on their system of authority, that if the LDS First President and Prophet had received word to request them, then he'd get them. I would also suspect it is done as a matter of course in regular reviews of temple-worthiness. They probably don't even need to ask, at that level.
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