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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 62,444

Journal Archives

So, did anyone on FOX notice Romney's snub of our troops

FOX didnt think our gymnasts were patriotic enough. Did anyone in that wasteland at all notice the utter absence of so much of an acknowledgment of our young men and women serving in Afghanistan?

They should have booked crazy "He's an Arab" lady

Official Portrait Of The NEW GOP Ticket!

Black Rock City: Eastwood Back At Burning Man After Brief Absence

First an empty chair, then an empty suit

And if they get elected, they'll empty all our pockets.

Did anyone at the RNC mention, oh, a WAR in Afghanistan?

The way these folks change their pretended priorities is a hoot.

Last time it was "COUNTRY FIRST!"

This time it is "WE BUILT THAT!" - which strikes me as a reformulated "I GOT MINE!"

But last time we had Truck Palin going off to Iraq, Cindy McCain getting a cold chill down her spine about the Pentagon budget and how important it is for the nominee to be a war hero.

This time, not even the ritual "...and God bless our troops" recitation at the ends of the speeches.

Now, sure, Sarah Palin was going on about the "white flag of surrender" in Iraq, from which we have withdrawn regular combat troops, but did Afghanistan just slip their mind, or is war just not a big deal with them now?

Boehner's "bar full of guys looking for work"

What kind of work are they looking for in there?


Take away their unemployment checks and they'll start looking for work, instead of hanging out at the bar all day and throwing out that black guy who keeps bothering them.

Jon Boehner might know more about what's going on than we think.

Ah... Christie is on, and my hemlock is almost ready

I guess I'm all set, then.

USADA accidentally strips Neil Armstrong of "first man on moon" title

Okay now this is just getting out of hand.

So, will anyone in Tampa acknowledge Neil Armstrong

...and by implication the US government program which put him on the moon and returned him safely to earth?

Within the time frame set by JFK?
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