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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 07:14 PM
Number of posts: 49,150

Journal Archives

A lawyer for Louise Mensch seems worried that her latest "bombshell" is bullshit.


Morgan Lewis Partner Shortlisted For Bharara Replacement

Quid, meet quo.


President Donald Trumpís administration is considering nominating Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP partner David I. Miller to be the next U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, sources said Monday, as the process for replacing Preet Bharara is appearing to heat up.


The "Russia Firm Of The Year" will get right on those prosecutions in New York. Yesssiree.

Plan ahead for news watching this weekend

Make sure you have everything you need:

To be fair, it's not just "But her emails..."

She also, as I understand it, coughed several times.

Certainly having a madman in the White House is a far better outcome than someone who has coughed in public.

The Senate should subpoena the tapes that Twitler implied to exist

Dimwit just opened the door to the question, "Do you have such tapes" in a way that certainly provides probable cause to obtain them.

Of course he doesn't have them, but he has raised the issue of whether he does.

Sooner or later "Son of Texas Air National Guard Memo" will emerge as disinfo

Rumors on Twitter from all kinds of folks are fun to indulge in.

Things which are conjectured or suspected, may indeed be true.

Speculation is a valuable tool in developing hypotheses which can be tested against facts. That's certainly a good thing.

However, believing that something is likely, coupled with the desire to believe it to be true, can lead to unfortunate consequences.

I have seen attempts in various phases of the campaign, and now this horrific maladministration, to get folks to "bite" on suspect information.

There is extremely fertile ground now in which to plant something that everyone wants to be true, but the falsity of whatever the shiny object happens to be, won't be made apparent until a lot of people have taken a big bite on it.

Jumping on to things which are not supported by facts, and require a buttload of conjecture to fill in the gaps, does not prove anyone to be "smart" if whatever it is does turn out to be correct. It simply proves that one is gullible and lucky.

For example, a few days from now when we are all agape at a grainy video of unknown origin of a fat blond guy being peed on, or whatever sensational thing emerges, do try to remember that absent a definite origin of the video, etc., that being peed on is not actually a crime in the first place. So when it turns out to be a fuzzy version of some existing porn video, and those promoting it as "proof" of something are thus discredited, please remember how the Texas Air National Guard Memo managed to suck all of the oxygen out of the legitimate allegation that W shirked his duty to do political work and get drunk for long periods of time.

On allowing Russian state press with electronic equipment exclusive Oval Office access

You can't make this stuff up

Notice the sub-headline of this NYT front page:

And then today:

Right down to Henry Fucking Kissinger:

You just can't make this shit up.

Taking a detour

The easy road was closed today. Oh well.

Bored? Want to tie up a scammer?

I just got a phony, phony, phony "Unsecured Debt Resolution Letter" saying that I owe (un-named creditor) $19,000, but that if I call them, I can get it reduced to $6,000.

I am supposed to call 877-233-5647 give them my "processing number" and then work out payment.

It's total bullshit.

I'll be taking the letter to the postal inspector tomorrow, but I thought I'd have a little fun with them first and tie them up by acting endlessly "confused" about what I'm supposed to do.

The best way to start is to say you were talking to (make up a first name) and that your call got dropped, and that you want to be reconnected to that person.

Or, "the ink is smeared on the letter and the reference number looks like" CRDE041427842 "or, wait I mean..." and keep screwing up the "reference number" by changing a digit each time you read it. Intersperse these attempts by making up long stories and reasons for "oh, hang on a minute"... blame your ex for the debt... whatever... be creative.

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