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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware
Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2006, 08:14 PM
Number of posts: 46,293

Journal Archives

Now would be a good time for Trump to release his taxes

Because there is NOTHING in his taxes that could be any worse than what's happening.

Jeff Lord is grading sexual assault on a curve

On CNN just now, he suggested that even if Donald was "groping", the Broaddrick allegation involves a lot more.

I guess it's not sexual assault until its "legitimate rape."

Trumpster Logic: If the debates were rigged, then how did Trump win them so handily?

I can't see the argument for Trump declaring "rigged" and pulling out of the third debate.

In the first one, they gave Hillary a secret radio receiver to whisper answers in her ear (since, obviously, not having any political experience, she wouldn't be able to come up with answers on her own), and they gave him a bad microphone.

But Trump won by at least 120% in most polls, as he points out repeatedly.

In the second one, they all teamed up on him "three against one", and they cut him short at 49:10 minutes speaking time, while giving Hillary a generous 39:05 minutes.

And again, Trump won - they all say he won and he says he won by more than 200% in all the polls.

So, despite rigged contests against him, he keeps coming out the winner. Why would he possibly complain about that now?

The lady in the gold hat who is revolting

I like the way Pence says "Don't say that."

Not "Don't do that" or some formulation of "no, we don't do that in this country."

But "don't say that".

A word about scheduling hearings

In court proceedings, the parties are REQUIRED to meet and confer in advance of scheduling and status hearings.

The "meet and confer" can be by telephone or email, but the judge expects that the parties have already sorted out scheduling issues before showing up.

This notion of "collusion" is fundamentally stupid to anyone who knows how litigation works.

Trump prepares for next debate....

"When they do the Limbo, We do the Macarena"

Always a good one:

They are nowhere near the bottom of the barrel yet

Sooner or later, they are going to realize that "Hillary is a misogynist, not me!" is just not an argument they are going to "win", no matter what asked-and-answered stuff they want to dredge up.

But if the Trump camp wants to keep digging that grave, have at it.

They can yell "Emails" and "Benghazi", but they've squeezed the juice out of those turnips already. Any possible traction on those oft-repeated themes is already factored-in to the decided vote.

IMHO, they are going to start dredging up the looney tune tinfoil hat stuff - stuff straight out of infowars, without the 'moderating filter' of Breitbart and Drudge.

I expect we are going to see a new and improved "Clinton Body Count", and "Glen Beck's chalkboard" types of chains of associations.

By the time November 8 comes around, they are going to be fit for the rubber room in the eyes of a comfortable majority of American voters.

I'm HORRIFIED HRC aspires to "growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere"

How DARE she dream of such a thing.

Trump: "I've spent time with grieving mothers who've lost their children"

From what?

Anyone have a clue wtf that line in his hostage video is supposed to suggest?

When has he spent this time? Does he just, in general, spend time with grieving mothers in his travels? Have they lost their children from some common cause?

It's this bizarre phrase which evokes emotion, but wtf is he talking about?

Is it supposed to suggest he hangs out around emotionally vulnerable women consistent with his predatory view of women generally?

Like, "I spend time with grieving mothers who've lost their children... because they'll let you do anything."

They had to have gone over this statement carefully, so this fragment is there for a reason, but wtf is it supposed to mean?
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