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Name: John Churchin
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pittsburgh Pa.
Home country: USA
Current location: Lost
Member since: Thu Jan 19, 2006, 02:28 PM
Number of posts: 1,456

Journal Archives

Union Fairness

Recently the Pittsburgh Tribune Review wrote an editorial titled Union 'fairness': The dues racket.

They tried to provide information that Union Dues are "unfair". They used the following,

Yet AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka (paid $322,131 in the 2014 fiscal year) insists “the system is rigged” in favor of CEOs.
Big Labor has signaled where its loyalty lies and it's not with workers. Forced union membership, along with union dues, are relics that deserve to be relegated to history.

Read more: http://triblive.com/opinion/editorials/7349265-74/union-dues-workers#ixzz3M4dBKyos
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I followed with the following LTTE

The recent editorial
Union 'fairness': The dues racket
Really brought to light some interesting Facts and somehow missed some interesting ones also. Fact: AFL/CIO CEO Richard Trumka was paid $322,121 in 2014. Somehow the Editorialist missed the Fact that that salary was provided by 12,951,461 employees. So each Union Member provides $0.02 a year to pay him.
On the other hand, Larry Ellison CEO of Oracle received compensation of $78,440,657 in 2014 while employing 122,000 people. Each employee must provided $642.95, for him to reach that level.
Even more incredible Don A. Mattrick CEO of game maker Zynga, received $57,814,391 while employing 2,030 people. Each employee must provide $28,479.99 for Don to reach that level.

In my book, paying a CEO $0.02 a year is NOT something I would be writing a Editorial about. I would be more curious why ANY Company would pay someone $57+ Million a year that ONLY employees 2,030 people.

Now some people are going to say Oracles Gross Net last year was $38 Billion so Larry deserves it, or Zynga’s Gross Net was $873 Million so Don deserves it.
How about the employees of AFL/CIO? Our Gross Net last year was $518 Billion. Yeah, Mr. Trumka more than deserved his $322,121.

John S. Churchin
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