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JimDandy's Journal
JimDandy's Journal
May 31, 2016

Yes it is. And anyone who is being intimidated or punished for stating how they want to vote

or did vote, or are threatened with, or actually removed from DU for how they want to vote, or how they actually did vote, should retain an attorney. I believe the federal voting act specifically prohibits such actions.

May 30, 2016

I already left the Dem Party and am now looking for a new political home.

Nevada was so far over the line that everyone in my family who supports Bernie left the Dem Party the following week. We were all life long Dems before that.

May 29, 2016

The privacy of the voting booth can be both a good and bad thing.

Good because if frees one from influence in that moment. Bad because it frees one from influence in that moment and allows racist, xenophobic or misogynistic sentiments to be quietly expressed.

May 29, 2016

80% of my CA phonebank respondents voted for Bernie!!!

I phonebanked into Cali yesterday. Was calling Permanent Mail-in Ballot voters. 80% of the ones who answered the phone had already voted for Bernie! And I was able to help one of the NPP Bernie voters get a correct Dem ballot, instead of a non-affiliated ballot.

The CA polls have Bernie within 2 points of Hillary right now. Based on my calls, he actually may be ahead of her!

Woo hoo. Go Bernie!

May 28, 2016

These hearing are being held to develop the Democratic Party Platform,

the guiding document of the Democratic Party! It stands to reason then, that the party should want input from liberals, and would hold hearings in solid blue states that, provably, strongly support the party and its mission.

May 28, 2016

Yes, it's considered part of the Upper South.

Take your beef to the US Census Bureau who has it firmly in the Southern States category. By the way, Maryland (and the District) was a southern slave state right up to the start of the Civil War.

Any comment on not holding any of the hearings in solidly blue states?

May 28, 2016

It is governed by the GOP controlled Congress, yes,

and, while the residents are liberal, it is the wonkiest and most political punditocracy in the world.

And color me cynical, it was undoubtedly picked because the primary will be held there the following week: "The events in Washington on June 8-9...will be forums featuring testimony." Sounds sort of like a 'Town Hall.' Hillary doesn't want any more debates, but let's see if she shows up to "testify."

Any comment on not holding ANY of the 4 hearings in solidly blue liberal states?

May 28, 2016

LOL, All of Dem Platform hearings are in conservative GOP controlled southern states!

The Democratic Party is taking input from citizens (read: Hillary supporters) in non Democratic states! Why didn't they have hearings in liberal states? What are they afraid of?

May 23, 2016

Yes, that ridiculously high percent sounded really off. Parsing and analyzing the details

of the survey showed it was. People are so quick to jump on anything that supports their candidate they simply don't check the facts.

That is true about any candidate's supporters sometimes, but lately it has been a big failure of Clinton camp supporters: unknowingly posting dated, old articles; regurgitating Jon Ralston's false claims about violence at the NV convention without verifying their accuracy by simply viewing the dozens of internet accessible videos of the convention; not noticing that all the main media outlets they are touting as believable regarding the NV convention all used the same, single source-Ralston; not checking further info at links; not carefully reading an article or post (at least 3 Clinton supporters did that right here in my thread!), not analyzing data to see if it supports conclusions, etc.

It is difficult as it is to communicate in this type of setting, and these failures just contribute to that difficulty.

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