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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Michigan
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2006, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 28,868

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Worse, several of documents in that bomb shell photo were whited out. The only reason has to be they are classified documents without a cover sheet. Anyone entering that room or seeing the photo would know at a glace the kind of info contained in them.

Sweet Jebus on a rocket sled.

Listen up, a-holes!! One more time, it's pillage, then burn!

Once heard on a basic drill pad as the Eager Young Space Cadets poke their left eye out attempting a hand salute.

"Just think, in a few months they'll be repairing aircraft and handling pay records."

A mensch and a grandpa.

The word for 'defeat' is not in the Ukrainian lexicon. n/t

Beautiful Bard, beautiful

Vaxx'd and double boosted

Tested positive about a month ago. Called doc, was told to isolate and test again at the end of the fifth day. For a couple of days felt like ten miles of bad road, flu like symptoms. Tested again, was negatory. Felt blah for about a week, then back to terrorizing the peasants and annoying the gentry.

Thank the Maker for vaccinations. Otherwise I'd be in hospital on a ventilator or at the veteran's cemetery. I'll be in line at the clinic as soon as the new vaccines come in.

They're holding a wolf by its ears.

If they let go, tfg's cultists will turn on them, maybe even violently.

If they hold on, they'll have their faces chewed off.

Neither respect borders "Paperwork? We don't need no stinkin' paperwork"

I've had moose walk thru my back yard. One damn near killed my husband: He was tooling a back road on his Chetak. Moose charged out of the woods and chased hub down the road. He said and he wasn't given to over statement that he could hear it pounding right behind him. Fortunately moose ran out of fuel before the scoot did. New Hampshire has signs on just about every highway "Watch Out for Moose".

We used to keep geese. They attack in formation and they take no prisoners. Because there isn't a lot of open grass land around here, Canadas aren't quite the problem you all have ... yet. However, I'm sure they have a plan.

Thank you for a great read and you take care, be well. n/t

Tan suits and mustard and Marines with umbrellas,

Laptops and pizzas and dark looking fellas.

These are a few of Repug's favorite things.
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