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Hometown: Michigan
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2006, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 27,927

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Thank you, TEB. You speak for us all.

I wish I could call in an A-10 air strike on those evil fucks. It's a dream I have.

And deepest thanks to your lady for that moment of grace for that 12 yo.

You and yours have a Merry Christmas, especially your fur kids. boog.

Me too. We were blessed to know him.

Pinboy would have been so proud. n/t

Relative isolation certainly gave protection; however,

a lot of those servicemen came from farms and small towns. Further, once back in the US most of them would have traveled all over returning to their homes.

Your family was fortunate; however, as it is today, people were traumatized. They were reluctant to talk about their experiences. I had to directly ask my mother about hers and she usually had no problem talking about the two clan's shenanigans. This isn't just a one off. Several studies and documentaries mention survivor reluctance, a common symptom of post trauma. Not saying your family was among them, just offering a possibility.

Here is one of the best summation I've run across:https://virus.stanford.edu/uda

US population 1920: 106M and it was about half and half rural v. urban.

Actually at the time, a lot of people traveled a lot.

All those military and naval personnel returning from the war zones. They were from North America, all of Europe, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand. They were packed into trains and troop ships. If even one in a hundred were infected ... we know the result. Worse, in Europe, especially Eastern Europe, the medical support was stretched to the breaking point and beyond. In India and sub Sahara Africa, wasn't much to begin with and broken by the first wave.

It was a plague's dream scenario.

pinboy3niner was one of the best of us.

May he rest in light.

Another DU classic: The corn flake coated chicken fracas.

That belt. It's mesmerizing.

Great skit.

Live long and prosper, Nurse Lindsay. Thank you for all you do.

The first of millions.

The cows and the bull dog. "That's a weird looking kid." n/t

The American Experience Influenza 1918

Three episodes

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