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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Michigan
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2006, 06:56 PM
Number of posts: 27,820

Journal Archives

Bless her and her babies.

I wish I had better words

Our crew

Blue and Gold Macaw, Captain:

Cockatiel, Booger: (Whenever we leave the house)

Yup. Viruses are equal opportunity destroyers

As long as you're a suitable eukaryote, you're fair game. Your race, politics, address, off shore bank account, duty title, etc - totally indifferent.

Unfortunately, the Dee-Bags can infect all the rest of us.

Hand salute for you and your squad, TEB

Defending warriors stepping up.

The ole sarges will be making cloth masks. Distribution centers have set up for drop offs and they'll be sent around the state to hospitals. They'll go to the support staff - admin, janitors, LPNs, etc. They can increase protection by 50%. As soon as the material shows from Amazon, fire up the sewing machines and crank 'em out. Oh yeah, there will be some for friends and the people on the front lines keeping things as normal as they can be.

You don't have to wear a uniform to serve.

Yes indeed: Fuck the republicans. There's a special place for them in the latrine detachment in hell.

Again, stay safe and virtual hugs for you, your family and. most of all, the boog and your rescued horse.

Nail it.

What's right for Moron will always involve a payday. He's a greedy fraction of a man - among his other charming characteristics.

My apologies to men.

Yes. Above and beyond.

I nearly lost it.

The ghost of the 9/11 firefighter saluting the ICU nurse/doctor.

Defending warriors know their own.

Trump him and the trumping golf cart he rode in on.

A neologism for the ages.

I like his style

That's a rant worthy of a Marine DI

"Wash your hands, you filthy animals!"

Hubby and I talked about this

We both have DNRs and medical power of attorney for each other. We both 77 and no one is dependent on us.

So, we both agreed - no ventilator, especially if there are young people with children who need it.

I thinking of "Cause of death: Republican indifference."

/on edit/

On staying alive at all costs. Sometimes the cost is too high.

Hub and I fully intend to vote in November. We both voted for Biden and looking forward to doing it again. However, ...
When you get to your high 70's, the Grim Reaper is standing in the corner, in the shadows, checking his watch. Hub has heart disease; I have COPD. It's quite possible that a ventilator may not be an option. Italy is already triaging the elderly. Further, given our medical conditions, I doubt a ventilator would do much good; just keep us alive{sic} for a few miserable days more.

In short, if we're fated to die, maybe we can make it mean something - like saving another life.

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