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WhaTHellsgoingonhere's Journal
WhaTHellsgoingonhere's Journal
October 30, 2015

Obama's recovery = win for trickle down

Reich and Stiglitz discuss the bailout. "They really believed in trickle down economics." When presented with "bailout Main Street (Stiglitz)" or "bailout bankers *without conditions* (Rubin & banksters), Obama chose banksters over his instincts - bailout Main Street.

Now, Obama is King of Trickle Down Economics and Democrats are the loudest cheerleaders of Trickle Down. I've been saying this for a while.

For an even longer period, I've said, in so many words, DU lost its integrity. If an R had been at the helm, DU would not be praising a trickle down recovery.

I started a thread last week about how disgusted I am with liberal talk radio. Not at all surprised it got no traction, hereIt's all praise for Obama's this, that, and the other. Liberal talk radio lost its objectivity, too.
October 29, 2015

Job Creators ----> THE Creators. We're neither.

Billionaire capitalist Nick Hanauer has a compelling story to tell. Unfortunately, it's not a political story and M$M has a disincentive to bring attention to it.

October 23, 2015

Liberal Media is killing me

I start my day with Bill Press at 5am. I drive all day and am fortunate enough to listen to WCPT. That's Bill Press, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Wayne Besen, and Norman Goldman. I might catch Rachel on MSNBC. But it doesn't matter. 24/7 echo chamber. Same programming from 5am to 9pm CT. Despite his flaws, Ed was alone talking about jobs, jobs, jobs. When polled, Jobs happen to be America's #1 issue.

Why are jobs in their blind spot? Don't any of them follow Robert Reich? I try to stay on top of economic trends like the job killing, tax evading "air" "sharing" Uber/Amazon gig economy but the liberal media isn't to be found. It's going to happen: Jeff Bezos has a huge stake in Uber. Those two will merge. Then they'll gobble up Airbnb and the other air companies. Nick Hanauer says Amazon didn't create jobs, it killed 1 million jobs. In 2014, already valued at $41 billion, Uber had 550 Full Time employees. Where is the liberal media? Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann of all people talk favorably about Uber regularly. There's a complete disconnect. Miller doesn't have the chops but Hartmann hasn't done his homework. At least Goldman and Besen blast the gig economy.

Liberal media tried so hard to be the opposite of Fox News. It should have higher goals.

October 22, 2015

Back to the Future 3: Where are the jobs?

The year is 2020

Uber, Amazon, Airbnb, Airteach, and all the "air companies" have merged to form a conglomerate twice the size of the second largest Fortune 500 companies. SuperUber has 800 marketing, legal, finance, and scientific, full-time employees. Deliveries are made via drone or self-driving cars.

Through Airteach, the country's 500 "best" teachers teach all students at every level.

Americans are valued capital in Asia and move there to perform low skilled jobs.

American students are graduating with degrees that are obsolete within 6 months.

October 17, 2015

Guns Shmuns. THIS is a policy issue I care about. BainsBane!!!!

Thanks for posting this

Critics say Hillary Clinton is pro-Wall Street. Her Wall Street reform plan says otherwise.

In April, amid growing speculation that she would run for president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave a pivotal speech titled "The Unfinished Business of Financial Reform." In it, Warren laid out what the next Democratic president could and must do to complete the task of post-crisis financial reform.

Specifically, Warren said the next president’s agenda should:

1. Defend Dodd-Frank against attempts to weaken or compromise it.
2. Scale up enforcement, investigations and convictions: "When big financial institutions are not deterred from breaking the law… then that’s what they will do."
3. "Tackle the shadow-banking sector," which created "runs and panics in the short-term debt markets that spread the contagion across the financial system."
4. Create a "targeted financial transactions tax."
5. Break up the biggest banks. First "cap the size of the biggest financial institutions," then create a new Glass-Steagall Act "that rebuilds the wall between commercial banking and investment banking."
Warren didn’t wind up running for president. But her five points are a good rubric for evaluating Hillary Clinton’s newly released plan to tame Wall Street. Clinton’s agenda is a very detailed and comprehensive dive into financial reform. It is broad, covering parts of the financial markets that aren’t often discussed. If anything, it goes into such footnoted specifics that it can be overly wonky. But it fits into the Warren framework well enough to compare and contrast the two approaches.

Using the Warren criteria, Clinton gets points on the first four, but approaches the fifth by working through Dodd-Frank rather than against it. Bernie Sanders gets major points on the last two, but hasn’t gotten specific on tackling shadow banking and the broader financial sector. Rather than stronger or weaker, we’re left with two different ways of prioritizing financial reform, with Sanders focusing on eliminating the threat of the largest banks and Clinton looking to the financial markets as a whole.

More at link

October 17, 2015

Oh noessss!

It means so much. I loved watching Gore pwn W. It was low hanging fruit.

Hillary's got to tighten up her game. Her truthiness shown through. People don't like her because they don't trust her.

People voted for Carter because they wanted an honest man.

People voted for Reagan because they wanted a charismatic man who was going to make them rich

People voted for Pappy Bush because CNN transformed the nature of debates forever, making the moderator the star, and Dukakis looked silly riding in a tank wearing an oversized helmet.

People voted for Clinton because he was young, smooth, and a Rhode Scholar from the South

People voted (never mind the fact that the election was stolen) for W because they wanted to have a beer with their president and Gore's advisors made him look like a detached stiff at times and ridiculous at others

People voted (never mind the fact the election was stolen) for W because Kerry and Dems rolled over when he got swift boated and he didn't learn the lesson of Gore's campaign: his advisors made him look ridiculous

People voted for Obama because he tapped into hope and change and they were excited to make history

People will elect Bernie because they believe he's genuine not simply pandering to get elected. They believe he's for the 99%

People will elect Hillary because they are afraid of meaningful market and military change and excited to make history
October 16, 2015

Lots of Millenials for Bernie Facebook pages

A few links to "What Hillary will do for Millenials" articles.

October 16, 2015

Do you know what H says about "THE mentally ill"? No

Hillary's comprehensive background check:

Keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, other violent criminals, and the severely mentally ill.
It makes no sense that in America dangerous and unstable (OMG unstable is ugly language) individuals can obtain deadly weapons. As president, Clinton will:

Improve existing law prohibiting persons suffering from severe mental illness (well, that's better) from purchasing or possessing a gun. The ATF should finalize its rulemaking to close loopholes in our laws and clarify that people involuntarily committed to outpatient treatment, such as the Virginia Tech shooter, are prohibited from buying guns.

Darn! Hillary is systematically creating second class citizenship for people who've been involuntarily committed to OUTPATIENT treatment, no less!!!

I know people who should be able to get a gun but couldn't under Hillary's law.

You failed this big time.

For you, this has to be Hillary's "Uhhh...oooops!" Moment


October 14, 2015

Hillary voted with BushCo because she trusted them

How naive/gullible does one have to be to be wooed by Dick Cheney et al? How can you look at the whole of the Admin and not see the obvious: this is a chronie war and nothing more.

Moreover, this is a massive blow to her foreign policy prowess. How naive is it to believe this war wouldn't destabilize the Middle East? This wasn't unknown. Pappy Bush didn't remove Saddam because he knew what it would lead to. And that's now what we have.

"I trusted BushCo."
What a fool.

October 14, 2015


Bernie's message is: It's going to take a political revolution and Hillary is talking about "reaching across the isle".

Who's out of touch? Who is being realistic and who is delusional? According to the propaganda machine, Hillary is realistic and Bernie, who's telling the truth: it's going to take a political revolution or it doesn't matter who is in office. This Congress has blocked everything under Obama, but things will be different under Hillary, someone the Rs hate more?


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