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WhaTHellsgoingonhere's Journal
WhaTHellsgoingonhere's Journal
March 11, 2014

I was thinking the same but didn't know where to post it

Turns out, even to DUers, being partisan trumps searching for the truth.

Just like Obama during the lead up to 2008, y'all had me fooled.

March 11, 2014

TOTALLY Disagree

Can't possibly disagree more!!!

The president, as mouthpiece for "we the people", can speak directly to all Americans. Right now, do Americans really know what Sanders and Warren are saying behind closed doors? Absolutely not! Make one of them president, and now everyone will get to hear what progressives have to say. Ask most people, they don't even know what the progressive movement is!!!

March 11, 2014

History I learned just last week (re: plutocrats)

What I knew:
The Baron Robbers -- most notably Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Carnegie -- owned the last half of the 19th century and early 20th century much like today's plutocrats. Labor unions were only starting to emerge in the late 1800s.

What I learned:
A populous but immensely eclectic Democrat -- pro-labor, anti-banking, anti-railroads, prohibitionist, creationist -- William Jennings Bryan, emerged in the 1890s who had the plutocrats in his crosshairs. Fearing an end to their empires, the intensely combative plutocrats got together and financed a swiftboat-like attack campaign against Bryan which helped their pro-plutocrat candidate, William McKinley, win in 1896. In the meantime, progressive Republican and anti-plutocrat, Teddy Roosevelt, emerged and the plutocrats feared him. The plutocrats decided the best way to control Roosevelt was to have McKinley make him his VP running mate in 1900. The theory was, as VP, Roosevelt was no longer relevant and no longer presented an obstacle. McKinley was re-elected and it appeared the plutocrats had won. During this time, however, in the midst of great human suffering, anarchist groups began to emerge. In September 1901, McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist. Roosevelt, a "Trust Buster", assumed office of the president and the plutocrat's gamble backfired.

Wow! that's crazy!

Hopefully, that's a pretty accurate account. I guess I get a :paper bag: for not having learned this before the age of 47 (of course, I could have learned this 35 years ago and just forgot

March 4, 2014

Thanks for that!

February 17, 2014

That was perfectly worded and to the point.

Thanks Major.

<3 to you

February 9, 2014

socialize banks...

break up monopolies and oligopolies and enact laws that make mergers and acquisitions exceedingly rare
socialize energy (natural monopoly)
add tariffs to create "fair trade" so jobs return to/don't flee the US
raise marginal tax rates precipitously after the first $1,000,000 earned
treat capital gains as income
eliminate tax loopholes for those who can afford to exploit them, that includes corporations
enact laws that prevent states from competing in a race to the bottom by granting corporations tax free status for relocating
enact laws that tax corporations that want to move out of the US
raise the minimum wage to over $11 and hour
single payer health care
reallocate funds away from the military industrial complex to building infrastructure (roads, bridges, schools, green energy, etc..); the military gets what's left over
legalize marijuana
enact a STET tax
eliminate the Social Security cap and tie the contribution to income, not payroll (treating capital gains as income, of course)
socialize prisons
restore the power of the Supreme Court to it's original construct (limited)
enact laws that encourage voting including lengthening the time people have to vote
rewrite laws that criminalize blacks disproportionately
define white collar crime, criminalize it, and send criminals to prison (eliminate white collar prisons)

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