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Member since: Thu Dec 22, 2005, 10:00 AM
Number of posts: 5,252

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Keep in mind, DU is only uniformly Progressive when there's a R in office

when it's a Democratic administration, the Third Way seperates. Its something I noticed very early during the Obama admin. That said, I believe the cheering is consistent with DU, where you have Third Wayers constantly butting heads with Progressives. The DLC, Third Way is a failed relic, and the mood of the country is rife for an FDR Democrat to lead the Party. If Bernie was running against a Third Way white man, he'd likely win comfortably. Unfortunately, Bernie is losing 100% of a key demographic: the "Who's Bernie Sanders?" demo.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Thu Mar 17, 2016, 10:04 AM (0 replies)

Wrong! But that's very Democratic of you!

That's why the political center continues to be moved to the right. Dems want to do the right thing, R want to do the Right-Wing thing. This dynamic dictates everything: they go extreme right and we go to the center. In the end, the political center no longer reflects "we the people," which is further to the left of center. Then the Dems trot out "moderate, centrists" and their base says, "there's no difference between the parties" and stay home.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Wed Mar 16, 2016, 01:21 PM (1 replies)

If Obama's going to nominate moderates in their mid-60s, I'd call that bluff

Scalia 50
Thomas 43
Roberts 50

The way you keep SCOTUS Liberal or Conservative for a generation is to appoint young ideologues. Yeah, if I'm a R, I'd take it in a minute.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Wed Mar 16, 2016, 10:50 AM (1 replies)

Is this Hillary's supporters' idea of Bernie trashing Obamacare?

Over the years, Sanders has tucked away funding for health centers in appropriation bills signed by George W. Bush, into Barack Obama’s stimulus program, and through the earmarking process. But his biggest achievement came in 2010 through the Affordable Care Act. In a series of high-stakes legislative maneuvers, Sanders struck a deal to include $11 billion for health clinics in the law.

The result has made an indelible mark on American health care, extending the number of people served by clinics from 18 million before the ACA to an expected 28 million next year."

Improving and expanding it = trashing it


Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Tue Mar 15, 2016, 08:04 AM (1 replies)

Good job, Cheese! I love PK but never cared for his Nobel Prize Award winning thoughts on trade

Love his work on Depression Economics and Conscience of a Liberal. He needs to get back to his roots. Good on him for eating crow.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Tue Mar 15, 2016, 07:42 AM (0 replies)

Beat me to it. So many Democrats with their heads in the ground


I love how her supporters will shred Trump's resume when he brags about all the deals he's made. It reads casino, airline, professional football league, multiple university, and steaks, yes steaks! Holy fuck, what an amazing list of accomplishments!

But her supporters are quick to point out 4 bankruptcies and a gimmick. With respect to her own resume, however, the a double standard How do they evaluate her resume? They don't. Instead, they continue to list the bullet points. Failures are foregiven if she continues to say "I was wrong" and "that was a mistake." "And Iraq, pfft, come on, that was just one vote and it was a long time ago, and besides, she already apologized for it so it's all good, now."

If she wins this primary, she better start to win northern, Democratic states. It would be a nightmare for the Confederate states to have delivered her an insurmountable lead and we see her limp to victory, unable to carry the North.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Tue Mar 15, 2016, 07:28 AM (1 replies)

Bottom line: Hillary is a Clinton and could make history vs Bernie Who?

From where?

Hillary's been prepping herself for this day for a quarter of a century. No one ever heard of Bernie. Bernie was pretty much called to run from Thom Hartmann listeners. And even then he said he'd only considerate if a Progressive didn't step forward to run against Hillary. That was when we were clamouring for Elizabeth to run. When it finally became clear that she wasn't going to run, he started to research the viability of a run.

His message is strong. One can only wonder whether, given time and in the absence of a Clinton, whether his message would resonate with southern blacks, too. Unfortunately, he didn't have time and he is running against a Clinton. Throw in a media black out and a run against a machine, and you begin to appreciate just how powerful his message is. The Primary is set up so that if you get out in front early, it's almost impossible to catch up.

And that's the bottom line.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Fri Mar 11, 2016, 02:31 PM (0 replies)

I have a feeling Hillary would be better off with women in charge of her campaign. Why on earth

would she say the things 3 incorrigible white men (Mook, Brock, Podesta) tell her to say? The Koch, Minutemen, GM bailout trifecta was not Hillary's idea. Why doesn't she put women in those positions? I'm sure it would change the tenor of her campaign. Coming across as a disingenuous incorrigible white man is hurting her.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Fri Mar 11, 2016, 02:06 PM (0 replies)

The Rs have been unhappy with establishment politics for 10 years

the Dems are only now discovering they are growing more unhappy with establishment politics by the week.

Hillary is loved by blacks in states she can't win. Bernie is loved by whites in states he can win.

White Rs love Trump.

Bernie and Trump can peel away the anti-establishment vote.

All 3 have very long resumes. Trump's is mixed at best, but he's unapologetic. Hillary's is mixed and she's constantly apologizing for "mistake." Bernie has nothing to apologize for.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Thu Mar 10, 2016, 09:14 AM (0 replies)

The Tea Party exposed the Democratic Party

The R Party used to be the Party of the "status quo" and now they are the change Party. For too long Dems believed the Democratic Party was the change Party, but aside from social issues (which we are being peeled back like layers of an onion), it's clear the Democratic Party is the status quo Party now. Look at how we've aligned ourselves with Rs from wars to Wall Street to NSA to prisons to trade to education to banksters. It's all facilitated the Great Recession and income inequality. That Tea Party has forced a split in the Democratic Party. And now we scramble.
Posted by WhaTHellsgoingonhere | Thu Mar 10, 2016, 08:33 AM (1 replies)
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