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Faryn Balyncd

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2005, 09:15 AM
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Bruce Bartlett: Revenge of the Reality-Based Community-My life on the Republican right & and how...

quite a read:

Revenge of the Reality-Based Community
My life on the Republican right—and how I saw it all go wrong.

- Bruce Bartlett

"...As I wrote the book ... my utter disdain for Bush grew, as I recalled forgotten screw-ups and researched topics that hadn't crossed my radar screen. I grew to totally despise the man for his stupidity, cockiness, arrogance, ignorance, and general cluelessness. I also lost any respect for conservatives who continued to glorify Bush as the second coming of Ronald Reagan and as a man they would gladly follow to the gates of hell. This was either gross, willful ignorance or total insanity, I thought.

"The final line for me to cross in complete alienation from the right was my recognition that Obama is not a leftist. In fact, he's barely a liberal --- and only because the political spectrum has moved so far to the right that moderate Republicans from the past are now considered hardcore leftists by right-wing standards today. Viewed in historical context, I see Obama as actually being on the center-right."


a little more, from the former economic policy analyst in the Reagan & Bush 41 administrations:

"...After careful research along these lines, I came to the annoying conclusion that Keynes had been 100 percent right in the 1930s. Previously, I had thought the opposite. But facts were facts and there was no denying my conclusion," he writes, concluding that George W. Bush's Great Recession made clear that "We needed Keynesian policies again.

"Annoyingly, I found myself joined at the hip to Paul Krugman, whose analysis was identical to my own. I had previously viewed Krugman as an intellectual enemy and attacked him rather colorfully in an old column that he still remembers.

"For the record, no one has been more correct in his analysis and prescriptions for the economy's problems than Paul Krugman. The blind hatred for him on the right simply pushed me further away from my old allies and comrades."


Posted by Faryn Balyncd | Fri Nov 30, 2012, 02:24 PM (67 replies)

K&R if You Agree with Krugman & Howard Dean on the "Fiscal Cliff"

Let's Not Make a Deal
Paul Krugman, New York Times

Howard Dean: Let's Drive Over the Fiscal Cliff

The "Fiscal Cliff" Hoax
Time for Change, Democratic Underground

A 'Grand Bargain' on the Fiscal Cliff Could Be a Grand Betrayal
Robert L. Borasage, Institute for America's Future
The Nation, December 3, 2012

The Real GOP Fiasco: Fairness (from The American Conservative)

a remarkable article:

The Real GOP Fiasco: Fairness

Wick Allison

. . . A capital gains tax rate (making money off money) that is lower than the earned income rate (making money off work) is just not fair. Bestowing that rate on hedge-fund managers through a specially designed loophole is just not fair. Allowing the rich to take mortgage deductions for second and third homes, or for homes worth over $1 million, is just not fair. Allowing business owners like me to take myriad deductions that our employees cannot take is just not fair. But, most of all, allowing the wealthy to pay very low tax rates while interest on the war debt accumulates, deficits continue, and middle-class incomes deteriorate is just not fair.

Perhaps McConnell and Boehner have taken their stand on principle. Or perhaps they are still scared of Grover Norquist. Perhaps they truly believe – in contrast to three decades worth of evidence and a recent study by their own Congressional Budget Office – that lower tax rates on the rich actually produce jobs. Or perhaps they’re just waiting for the kind of face-saving compromise Galupo has suggested (and the president is now unlikely to approve). Or perhaps they’re just not very bright. The reasons don’t really matter...

. . . The GOP can recruit candidates with Hispanic surnames, tone down its platform, prep its members on talking points, and try to duplicate the Obama turnout machine. But if it remains the party of entrenched unfairness, it will never win another national election


Posted by Faryn Balyncd | Tue Nov 13, 2012, 12:07 AM (20 replies)
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