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Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbus OH, sort of...
Member since: Sun Nov 13, 2005, 11:17 AM
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All in all, the greedy basterds, especially this time of year!

this is in response to a Poll by MSNBC;


John Boehner has proposed raising taxes for those earning more than $1 million, while President Obama wants to raise rates on those making more than $250,000. Should $1 million a year be considered rich, or is $250k the right level?"

"Yes, $250k a year is rich, especially compared with the average U.S. family income (54557)
No, $250,000 doesnít go very far today (68601) - your vote
Depends on where you live (38602)

While I do support SOME of those who live in, say, Manhattan or a few other SELECT Zip Codes, there can't be THAT many people who do.

All in all, the greedy basterds, especially this time of year!

"The aliens tried to microwave the baby; again!"


WTF is wrong with these people?

From FreeRepublic (so you don't have to);


An emotional Obama: 'They had their entire lives ahead of them'


LOOK AT THE MANíS BODY LANGUAGE! Heís not sorrowful, heís angry and vengeful. Thereís vengence in his eyes. Heís ramping up the anti-gun spin machine.

Hold on to your hats, folks. This is going to get real bad real quick."

2 posted on 12/14/2012 1:13:01 PM PST by rarestia (It's time to water the Tree of Liberty.)

Despicable demogogue, exploiting this tragedy to aggrandize himself. What chicken squat we have in the White House.

3 posted on 12/14/2012 1:14:02 PM PST by hinckley buzzard

obama used this tragedy for a PHOTO OP for himself...

how disgusting..he has no emotion, as a phony and fake can not show honest feeling...they make believe and act..

He makes me physically ill.


Note, this is one of the few of the now more than 72 responses to this one post. I'm sure there are others as this was posted an hour after it hit the wires)

"Yeah, I agree. He must have had to fake being sad that elementary school kids and teachers were slaughtered. I bet he laughed out loud when he heard the news. Hey, maybe he was crying because he was disappointed there were survivors? "

There are so many more Compassionate Conservative remarks but I could only get just so far down the list.

Where do people learn to hate so much?
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