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Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2005, 09:44 PM
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Apparently HIPAA Stops Companies from telling customers if their staff has been vaccinated

I called an amusement company that has less than 10 employees and which has to have close contact with the customer and asked if everyone has been vaccinated. The owner told me he could not provide that information because of HIPAA rules. Well this is going to be an issue to many customers all over the country.

I did a quick Google search which indicated if the employees permitted, the owner could disclose that information. A more controversial subject is if a company could require proof of vaccination to continue employment. Likewise, it may soon be the case that proof of vaccination may be required to fly.

Biden West Wing TV show with The rightful occupants

Just watch this. From Rachelís show tonight.


Can tRump be charged with man slaughter?

He incited the storming of the capital and people died including a policeman. Seems pretty easy to charge him with that.

What will be the reaction to Trump's conviction?

After he leaves office and is convicted of sedition and sent up the River for 20 years. How will the trial be received? What will be his supporters reaction and what will happen to the country?

Iím surprised this has not been discussed.
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