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Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2005, 09:44 PM
Number of posts: 573

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Top secret SCI documents are tracked very well

There is no question that there is complete documentation on each of the TS/SCI documents taken by the FBI indicating whoever accessed them, where, and when. This will absolutely show who in the White House last accessed them before tfg took them out. Also as a matter of procedure the documents would not be laying about in the White House but rather they would be stored in specially secure facilities.

I know this because I had that kind of clearance at one time.

Apparently HIPAA Stops Companies from telling customers if their staff has been vaccinated

I called an amusement company that has less than 10 employees and which has to have close contact with the customer and asked if everyone has been vaccinated. The owner told me he could not provide that information because of HIPAA rules. Well this is going to be an issue to many customers all over the country.

I did a quick Google search which indicated if the employees permitted, the owner could disclose that information. A more controversial subject is if a company could require proof of vaccination to continue employment. Likewise, it may soon be the case that proof of vaccination may be required to fly.

Biden West Wing TV show with The rightful occupants

Just watch this. From Rachelís show tonight.


Can tRump be charged with man slaughter?

He incited the storming of the capital and people died including a policeman. Seems pretty easy to charge him with that.

What will be the reaction to Trump's conviction?

After he leaves office and is convicted of sedition and sent up the River for 20 years. How will the trial be received? What will be his supporters reaction and what will happen to the country?

Iím surprised this has not been discussed.

If tRump has a pardon, can the government collect IRS debts?

If TRump is pardoned by Pence having been made president after tRump resigns before Biden takes office, can the IRS collect back taxes and penalties. He probably can not be convicted of a federal crime but if he owes back taxes or penalties can the federal government collect them?

If a president is sent to jail does he still get secret service protection?

Just wishing it will soon come up as an issue.


The theme for the AUGUST contest is Panoramas.

As panoramas are larger by definition, please keep the file size to one megabyte or under and 1600 pixels on the longest side. As I am not going to be available much longer this month, Solly Mack will take over from here. If you have trouble sizing or posting please let Solly Mack know and she will help you with it or if she is not available someone else here should be able to help, just ask in the comment thread

Submissions will run for a week or until 30 entries are received. Preliminary Threads will be posted shortly there after.

Please do not comment in this thread. A separate discussion thread is posted for comments.

The comment thread is located at: http://www.democraticunderground.com/103645404

Any and all post processing is encouraged and allowed.

Have fun!


Please use this thread to comment on any and all August entries. Have fun!

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