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French parliament votes to jail tech execs who refuse to decrypt data

The French parliament has voted in favor of punishing companies that refuse to decrypt data for government investigators – by threatening businesses with big fines and possible jail terms for staff.

This comes amid the FBI's high-profile battle with Apple in the US to unlock a dead killer's encrypted iPhone.

French deputies voted to add an amendment to a penal reform bill that would fine companies €350,000 (US$385,350) for a refusal to decrypt and give up to five years in jail for senior executives. Telecommunications company executives would face smaller fines and up to two years in jail for not cooperating with the authorities.

The new penalties were the idea of right wing opposition deputies, AFP (Agence France Presse) reports, and are opposed by the French government, which has consistently opposed moves to reduce IT security after the terrorist attack in Paris last November.

Posted by 951-Riverside | Fri Mar 4, 2016, 06:55 PM (1 replies)

Bundy's youngest son says "America is going down" in rambling Facebook video

He also said

"...Standup. We can beat the biggest army in the world"

Posted by 951-Riverside | Thu Mar 3, 2016, 07:03 PM (20 replies)

Fox News affiliate in Salt Lake UT complains about anti-Trump poster before quickly deleting tweet

You if blinked you probably would have missed it

OK, now these anti- @realDonaldTrump posters are getting ridiculous. Come on, people.

Posted by 951-Riverside | Thu Mar 3, 2016, 06:42 PM (0 replies)

Ammon Bundy surprised by arrest, whines about being treated like 'domestic terrorists'

Ammon Bundy was surprised by his arrest. "They attacked us, like we were domestic terrorists," said Bundy.


but wait, there's more

Ammon Bundy believes community supported #Oregonstandoff “I would challenge you or anyone else that says Harney County wasn’t behind us."

Posted by 951-Riverside | Thu Mar 3, 2016, 06:25 PM (19 replies)

Jeremy Schwer of Indianapolis won't serve any time for raping 6 year old cancer stricken daughter

An Indianapolis man will not serve time in prison for molesting his young daughter who has cancer, Marion Superior Court records show.

Jeremy Schwer, 41, pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony child molesting.

The crimes occurred after the girl was diagnosed with cancer and her parents started alternating taking care of her at night, court records state.

Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Curtis, who is division chief of the special victims team, said she had argued for Schwer to serve nine years in prison followed by three years on probation. But the girl's mother, who filed for divorce, wrote a letter asking the court not to send Schwer to prison because she hoped he would help financially support their children.

After doctors found a brain tumor in 2013, the girl spent several months in the hospital and went through a year of chemotherapy.

Schwer was charged in 2015 after his now-estranged wife called the Indiana Department of Child Services. Their daughter, then 6 years old, told her mother that she had touched her father's "peepeeluca," the family's word for private parts, according to court records. The little girl later told officials that her father also touched her "peepeeluca" and had her sit on his "cat tail."

The girl, now 7, said her father told her not to tell or he would go to jail, court records state. She eventually told her mother it happened every night when she slept with her father.

On Tuesday, Marion Superior Court Magistrate Steven Rubick sentenced Schwer to 12 years of probation, court records state. He also required Schwer to register as a sex offender, continue treatment at a counseling center and vacate the family's home so his estranged wife and children could move back in.


Posted by 951-Riverside | Wed Mar 2, 2016, 10:53 PM (10 replies)
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