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Member since: Sat Oct 29, 2005, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 8,138

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Biden-Ukraine story seems another right wing conspiracy theory


Biden is the one candidate who defeats a key strategy in Trump's re-election campaign


Why are So Many 'Bad Apple' Police Officers Bad in the Same Way?


RS details an attack avenue Trump and cons will take against Biden, but I think if anyone

can withstand the opposition’s poisoned slings and arrows, it’s Biden.
He has already suffered the worst random life can offer.
He knows what he’s getting into.
He has always managed to hold his head high, soldier on, get the work done.
As supporters, we have to look into what a desperate Trump and the Cons are brewing.
Front running status puts Biden at risk.

A distorted case in point: When Linda Flores twisted an inoffensive, good natured, self-effacing joke into Biden mocking women, mocking CONSENT, I knew the political smear show was on.
For the next few days, news influencers repeated that Biden had a problem with women, that he was laughing off CONSENT.

The real story is that while addressing firefighters, Biden referring to putting an arm around a little boy, said something like “I better ask for permission first.” Not a hint of a sarcastic tone. And he asked and he hugged. While breaking the ice, he also signaled I get it.
Flores knows her allegation that Biden, a major player in the fight against campus rape, was not ridiculing the issue of consent as it applies legally to sexual abuse and assault. She went there either out of spite or for political reasons.

So, we can expect more to come. I hope we all research context and facts, and if these are missing, falsified, correct the record, intervene in misleading narratives, exact fair coverage, even here on DU.

Obama’s interactive online grass roots campaign was a thing of beauty. One group called “media watch” headed up advertising boycotts, letters to editors, fact checking, and laying out our case for supporting Obama.

We will need such a coordinated effort on Biden’s behalf.

I think much tougher is to come.

What do these terms mean at DU

Gotta wash your/my socks
BBL— think this means be back later, but is used sarcastically
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