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Member since: Fri Oct 28, 2005, 10:25 AM
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The shutdown will not end until Republicans do what they don't want to....

and that's admitting to a few facts.

Yes all those lovely wars you like cost a lot of money, and lives.

No 30+ years of tax cuts for the richest among us is not sound government policy.

Yes, some one working at a minimum wage job does have a job and is working. They should be able to provide for themselves at the very least.

No, sensible laws and regulations do not take away your 'freedum'. They try to ensure that your dum doesn't take from some one else.

Yes, people have a right to health care. And education. And housing. And let's throw in CLEAN air and water. Basically they have the right to live. Isn't that something you support?

No, there is nothing wrong with getting some help when you need it. Helping our neighbors makes the towns, villages, or cities where we live strong, safer, better.

I guess the means we'll have to look for another way out of this.

Huh? Its simple.....

Look at the rise in food prices, check out the falling wages. When people can't afford to eat, they will be out in the street. (And we are going to need a pitchfork smiley.)


I was going to try to answer you, but the more I think about it the less sense it makes. You would rather make me a convenient target, so go for it. Evil, evil man here.

Look, I would honestly love to see Hillary run in '16.....

as the republican candidate.

It would so nice to have the choice between two sane candidates.

Just to make myself clear......

the ability to raise insane amounts of campaign funds is not among the requirements to run for office IMHO.

In fact I will tend to view those candidates with some suspicion.

I feel like making grand plans today.....

we could end poverty in our nation. It wouldn't be to hard to do either. If we had intelligent and compassionate people working in Washington for the good of the American ..... Sorry I just couldn't type that with a straight face.

But lets see how many steps we would have to take.

1-Remove the social security payroll limit. Not raise it, remove it. This gives social security an even sounder footing and it begins to address the growing income inequality that we're seeing.

2-After an certain amount, capital gains are taxed at the same rate as paycheck. This includes social security taxes. Now we making some head way.

3-We eliminate unemployment. The money for that program is placed, yes that right, in social security.

4-We expand social security offices to deal with the workload to come, which means more people working and paying taxes.

5-Everybody whose unemployed receives a social security stipend in exchange for either volunteer work and/or schooling/training. Anyone under-unemployed receives a smaller support stipend. After 57-60 no work requirements and full social security payments(which should be increased).

Yes, there actually a lot of work listed above, but don't you think the benefits would be worth it?

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