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Member since: Thu Oct 13, 2005, 02:25 AM
Number of posts: 27,596

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Some are born great ...

... some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

Joe's got it covered - all three ways.

As promised, Republican voters ...

... the people you elected to the House will do everything they can to curb inflation, lower gas prices, improve your lives, et cetera.

They just have a lot of book-banning, fighting the evils of 'woke' candy, and investigating Hunter Biden's penis to do before they can get to your trivial concerns.

It's not like they've abandoned you. I'm sure they've already contacted you in order to ask for money - because to hear them tell it, doing absolutely nothing for you doesn't come cheap.


I believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Obviously, I am NOT a Republican.

I believe that those who conspired to overturn our democracy on January 6, 2021, are traitors. Obviously, I am NOT a Republican.

I believe that conspiracy theorists have no place in the House, the Senate, nor any other position in our government. Obviously, I am NOT a Republican.

I believe that liars, cheats, grifters, pedophile enablers, and hypocrites should immediately be ousted from political office.
Obviously, I am NOT a Republican.

I believe that creating an easily-debunked false resume should preclude anyone from taking office. Obviously, I am NOT a Republican

Obviously, I am NOT a Republican - because only a Republican would rejoice in "owning the libs" by supporting the party that has zero interest in anything else.

Republican voters are about to find out that their concerns, their interests, their hopes for the future are irrelevant to a party fixated on an election that was never stolen, covering-up GOP lies, and investigating Hunter Biden's dick.

George Santos - GOP presidential nominee in 2024?

Given how much Santos has accomplished thus far in his career - degrees from colleges he never attended, animal rescue advocate, volleyball star, etc. - imagine how many even more impressive achievements he'll be able to rack-up over the next two years.

Will presidential wannabes like DeSantis or Trump be able to compete with the man who, within the next twenty-four months, will have won several Nobel peace prizes, penned a dozen bestsellers, single-handedly saved five hundred orphans from a burning building, and cured cancer in his spare time?

In view of the whack-jobs the GOP has embraced over the past few years, it is totally within the realm of possibility that the ultimate whack-job will be their presidential nominee in '24 - and that Republican voters will come out in droves to support him.

As an elderly friend of mine used to say of such circumstances, "More true than funny."

We all laughed at the idea of a blowhard like Trump ever being elected POTUS - and yet it happened. It's time to stop laughing.

Would you still be a Democrat?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party had elected a lying buffoon like Donald Trump to the highest office in the country?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party continued to support him as our 'leader' after all the lies told, the stupidity demonstrated, the anti-democracy policies promoted and adhered to?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party got on-board with bigotry, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party promoted the idea of rigged elections every time one of our own lost an election?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party's response to mass shootings was to call for more guns?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party banned/burned books, and attempted to rewrite history?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party took away a woman's right to have dominion over her own body, or anyone's right to love/marry whomever they choose?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party had to spend its time covering for our 'president's' crimes instead of doing the People's business?

Would you still be a Democrat if our party put conspiracy-spewing whack-jobs in positions of power, and praised their abject stupidity as political insight?

These are, needless to say, rhetorical questions. No Democrat would promote or support any of the above. They would have left our party the minute any such measures were suggested, no less implemented.

That being said, one can only wonder why there are any Republicans left to support a party and a party 'leader' who despises the truth, ignores the facts, and insists that he "did nothing wrong" when his criminality is so blatantly on display.

If you've ever wondered whether Republican voters are brain-dead idiots, I direct your attention to the brain-dead idiots they've elected to destroy the democracy they allegedly hold so dear.

Who knew?

While we all listened to Herschel Walker's fanciful fabrications during his senate run in Georgia, who knew that an upstart from Long Island would make Walker look like a low-ranking amateur in the GOP Anything-you-lie-about-I-can-lie-better sweepstakes?

Even the Republican's favourite Liar-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, had enough sense to claim he graduated at the top of his class in schools he actually attended - (while threatening to sue any educational institution that released his transcripts/grades that proved otherwise).

George Santos is now the face of the GOP - or should I say the many faces thereof.

After years of promoting the idea of fake elections, fake investigations, fake electors, fake news, et cetera, it was only a matter of time before the GOP cut out the middlemen and simply presented an obvious, in-your-face fake candidate.

Who says Republicans aren't job creators?

We can only surmise how many PREs (Professional Resume Embellishers) will be selling their expertise to the GOP over the next few years.

In defense of the Unbearably Stupid ...

We cannot expect people who believe an election was 'stolen' without a shred of evidence, who believe that M&Ms are part of a leftist agenda, who believe that vaccines contain tracking devices meant to spy on them, who believe that Antifa stormed the Capitol on January 6th in order to stop the man they wanted to be president from being certified as such, and who believe that Biden is about to confiscate their gas stoves, to understand the difference between stealing classified documents and repeatedly lying about it and uncovering classified documents and immediately returning them to NARA.

Expecting the Unbearably Stupid to smarten-up is like expecting bears to stop shitting in the woods and start shitting in the Capitol rotunda, like patriotic Republicans do.

Ya think herding cats is impossible?

Try herding a bunch of racists, anti-Semites, misogynists, pedophiles, faux-Christians, conspiracy theorists, spineless sycophants, brainless bimbos, corrupt-to-the-bone criminals - not to mention downright lunatics! - into the House, and then expect them to get anything done.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our current House of Representatives.

Prediction: By the end of this year, George Santos will be elected Speaker on the basis that he's the most honest man among them.

I'm investing in popcorn futures - I'm told sales over the next two years are predicted to skyrocket.


Ever think about how many of the nation's ills would disappear if Certain People (R) just minded their own business and shut the fuck up?

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