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says a great many sources




"Its only about violence" and "its only about dominance" are largely the fruit of speculative feminist theory. And in fact some studies have tested these propositions:


and found them wanting.

A few simple statistics also dispel the idea that every woman is equally at risk. For instance, while victims range from infants to octogenerians, in the USA:

15% of victims are under age 12
29% are age 12-17
44% are under age 18
80% are under age 30 (SOO, 1997, 1999 NCVS)

so 65% of all victims are between puberty and age 30, an age range that constitutes 35% of the population, according to the 2011 census. Coincidentally, its also the age range from which men are most likely to find women desirable. This isn't rocket science
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