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Sarah Ibarruri

Profile Information

Name: Sarah
Gender: Female
Hometown: North Florida
Home country: U.S.
Current location: North Florida
Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2005, 09:28 PM
Number of posts: 21,043

About Me

Hamas has always been a terrorist group. I prefer not to discuss this matter if you are someone who is in favor of terrorist groups. Thank you.

Journal Archives

The NRA is pure deception

Gun owners, and particularly the NRA, LOVE to defend gun ownership by citing the 2nd Amendment's "right," and claiming that there are lots of guns in Switzerland and Israel, but few individual crimes. Every time I hear these fallacious arguments, it makes it more clear for me that the NRA serves only one purpose - to lie on behalf of gun manufacturers. Gun owners parrot these NRA falsehoods. The truth is very different.

Re Switzerland:

The Swiss military sends guns home with the members of the military WITHOUT ammo. Before the guns get taken home with the members of the military, the ammunition is taken from them and stored in military arsenals. In other words, the military-issued guns members of the military take home are ammo-less guns: unloaded. Also, stats in Switzerland reflect the fact that PRIVATELY owned guns have been associated with increasing crimes against women, whereas military-issue guns taken home ammo-less are not directly related with crimes against women. In fact, Switzerland has a HIGHER rate of crime per capita, than Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Britain, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and other advanced countries. As a result of the increasing gun crimes against women, Switzerland has put in place a strict set of rules which affect PRIVATELY owned guns. There are now more background checks, plus it is illegal in Switzerland to carry guns in public. Because of these regulations, which more closely approximate the EUs strict gun control laws than American laws, PRIVATE gun ownership has dropped in Switzerland. Of course, the NRA is smart and will mention none of this when they resort to the Switzerland pro-gun argument. The NRAs gun-loving argument about Switzerland is pure inaccuracies. It bears zero resemblance to the serious gun problem in the U.S.

Re Israel:

As to Israel, which the NRA loves to bring up also Israel has incredibly strict gun restrictions, far stricter than those of the U.S. with regard to PRIVATE gun ownership. The military is everywhere for the obvious reason that Israel is in a constant state of terrorism alert. For this purpose, members of the military are stationed in all cities and towns, and do carry guns. The military is under strict orders of the government. The guns they carry are not PRIVATELY owned guns. PRIVATE gun ownership in Israel is almost nil. When I lived there, I knew no one who owned a gun PRIVATELY. The only people in Israel who are permitted to own guns PRIVATELY, are security guards, people who transport money, hunters, and people who reside in the West Bank, which is routinely subject to terrorism and attacks, and all these are licensed and strictly controlled by the Public Security Ministry, which is very strict. Very different from the rampant gun free-for-all going on in the U.S. For this reason, a few days ago, Yigal Palmor, spokesperson for the Israeli Foreign Ministry basically told the NRA to keep Israel out of its defense for individual gun ownership arguments. Again, the NRA conveniently fails to mention any of this.

Re the 2nd Amendment:

The 2nd Amendment, LIKE THE 3RD AMENDMENT, were put in place for the purpose of accommodating the state-ordered and colony-ordered militias, for the countrys defense, not so that private citizens could arm themselves to the hilt as gun owners in the U.S. have done thanks to the NRA. Back in the 1700s the governments of the colonies and states did not spend monstrous amounts on a military the way the U.S. does now, so it was vital to have the 2nd and 3rd Amendments provide for state-ordered and colony-ordered militias. Im all for enlisting all American gun owners in a form of organized militia and forcing them to be under the orders of the State, as was the case in the 1700s, when the 2nd Amendment was ratified so that state-ruled, and colony-ruled militia men could keep little guns home (and they were one-shot guns, not semi-automatic killing machines like now). Naturally, the NRA would not want gun owners organized into militias overseen by the State, as in the 1700s. They like it just fine the way they've manipulated it to be here - chaotic. murderous, and with guns selling better than vitamins.

All these NRA pro-gun arguments are specious, and meant only to continue the support of private gun ownership because this provides swimmingly good profits for gun manufacturers.

There are many more spurious NRA arguments, but I've got too much to do today to continue typing.
Posted by Sarah Ibarruri | Wed Jan 2, 2013, 11:57 AM (7 replies)
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