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Member since: Fri Sep 9, 2005, 09:53 AM
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If a Republican appeared in blackface or klan robes 35 years ago

There would be no one on this site defending them.

I'm sick of Democrats eating their own. It needs to stop now.

We are two days into Black History Month and I am being told that I need to forgive and ignore blatant racism because it was 35 years ago.

I am being told that it is ok that a man who has graduated from college, is finishing medical school, and getting ready to enter the Army as an officer was making a youthful mistake by dressing like that. And then selecting that photo for his yearbook page.

I am being whitesplained to, being told that people change and I need to not be upset by this.

I am being told that it is critical that we keep this man in office because it would “be bad for us” if he resigned.

Why would it “be bad for us” if he resigned? What would happen? Sure, the black guy would become governor, but beyond that what would happen?

The Democratic Party is eating itself by telling black people like myself that our history and our struggle is less important than keeping the white guy in office.

And I am sick of it.
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