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Democratic sweep in Virginia gives new life to the Equal Rights Amendment

The coming Democratic takeover of the Virginia legislature has cleared the path for the state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which would ban discrimination on the basis of sex and guarantee equality for women under the Constitution.

Earlier this year, the state Senate voted to advance the ERA. But the bipartisan progress was halted in the House of Delegates, where Republican opponents blocked a full floor vote. The new Democratic legislative majority is poised now to finish the job -- and make Virginia the critical 38th state to back the amendment.

Even if Virginia acts as expected next year, there is no guarantee the amendment would take hold. A handful of the states that initially ratified the ERA have since rescinded those decisions and the most recent congressional deadline passed about four decades ago. Despite those roadblocks, activists believe they are well-positioned -- legally and politically -- to push the amendment, which was written by the suffragist Alice Paul in 1923, over the line.


It would be interesting to see Women's rights as a central topic for 2020.

House Republicans stormed the hearing room where Pentagon official was testifying

Source: CNN

As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper was sitting down to testify, the roughly couple dozen Republicans stormed through the three different doors, a source in the room said.

Rep. Bradley Byrne yelled in committee Chair Adam Schiff's face, but Schiff didn't engage. Other Democrats, including Val Demings, screamed back at both Byrne and Rep. Louie Gohmert, who were yelling about the process.

"It was closest thing I've seen around here to mass civil unrest as a member of Congress," according to a source in the room.

The source says the Capitol Police and sergeant at arms have been consulted as members refuse to leave the room.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/impeachment-inquiry-10-23-2019/index.html

CNN Poll: Support for impeaching Trump rises among independents and Republicans

Source: CNN

Americans are about evenly split over impeaching President Donald Trump and removing him from office, as support for that move has risen among independents and Republicans, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS after the announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry by House Democrats last week.

About half, 47%, support impeaching the President and removing him from office, up from 41% who felt that way in a CNN poll in May. The current level matches the high point for impeaching Trump in previous CNN polling -- 47% said they felt that way in September 2018.

The share who favor impeachment and removal from office now narrowly outpaces the share who say they don't feel that way -- a first in CNN polling -- although the two figures are within the poll's margin of sampling error. Opposition stands at 45% in the new poll, down from 54% who said so in May and the lowest point in CNN polling on this topic.

The change since May has largely come among independents and Republicans. About three-quarters of Democrats favor impeaching Trump and removing him from office, roughly the same as in May, while among independents, support for impeachment and removal has risen 11 points to 46% among independents and 8 points to 14% among Republicans.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/30/politics/cnn-poll-impeachment-ukraine/index.html

If a Republican appeared in blackface or klan robes 35 years ago

There would be no one on this site defending them.

I'm sick of Democrats eating their own. It needs to stop now.

We are two days into Black History Month and I am being told that I need to forgive and ignore blatant racism because it was 35 years ago.

I am being told that it is ok that a man who has graduated from college, is finishing medical school, and getting ready to enter the Army as an officer was making a youthful mistake by dressing like that. And then selecting that photo for his yearbook page.

I am being whitesplained to, being told that people change and I need to not be upset by this.

I am being told that it is critical that we keep this man in office because it would “be bad for us” if he resigned.

Why would it “be bad for us” if he resigned? What would happen? Sure, the black guy would become governor, but beyond that what would happen?

The Democratic Party is eating itself by telling black people like myself that our history and our struggle is less important than keeping the white guy in office.

And I am sick of it.
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