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The federal form (4472) that is filled requires a signature under penalty of perjury that the person isn't a felon, drug addict, domestic abuser, or been involuntarily committed. A denial usually means that the person is likely to be one of these things.

Licenses and insurance are constitutionally problematic. License are a litmus test for enumerated civil rights/liberties and would be struck down by a unanimous SCOTUS before the ink dried. Insurance is means testing and/or similar to a poll tax for exercise of a civil right/liberty and would be struck down by a unanimous SCOTUS decision before the ink dried.

This illustrates the frustration felt by many on this issue. Insurance and licensing invariably come up (along with about 20 other constitutionally impossible ideas) every time a tragedy occurs. It is usually brought up by the same people who are 'Johnny on the spot' to appeal to the logic of sorrowful, shocked, disgusted, wounded common people who are caught in a moment and who haven't been either personally or professionally involved in the issue of gun control for 20 years (as I have).

As I said and illustrated before there are definitely things which could be done to improve our system. Just that the political activists on both sides don't want to solve the problem, they want to keep it as a fundraising opportunity so their paycheck doesn't go away.

Another example...universal background checks, something constantly pimped by gun control...something supported in principle by a lot of the public. It is and always will be impossible to pass and keep federally mandated universal background checks. As it stands right now in the US there is only 1 very specific kind of firearms purchase which doesn't require a license of some sort or a background check. This is a exchange between two residents of the same state and the seller is not in the business of selling firearms, rather selling a personal gun...a piece of legal to possess and own personal property. The federal government has no jurisdiction..in fact enumerated revocation of the authority to regulate intrastate transactions in "the commerce clause". There will never be a federally mandated universal background check for this very reason.

What does big gun control (lawyers..who all know that ubc's are impossible) do every time in the wake of a tragedy like this? They cry and wail for the impossible federal mandate. They ask for donations to battle in Washington for this oh-so-needed legislation...people angry and grieving send their money in and big gun control lives to raise more money on the next tragedy.

The solution nobody wants to hear...NICS currently is not available for these private sales. A simple change to the conditions of the license for ffl dealers requiring them to do NICS checks for any private sale in a timely fashion for a nominal fee...like $20. Simple. At the same time a bill to eliminate all civil or criminal liability if a gun is transferred using the NICS system and is later used in a crime...perhaps even increasing the possibility of civil or criminal liability for transfers without using the system. Then public awareness campaigns "Use NICS and sleep well tonight!" Etc. Frankly if big gun control were really all that interested in UBC'S they would be setting up kiosks at gun shows doing free private checks...but alas....

I own a couple of family guns and a pistol..I don't carry and usually won't even now that my state has permitless concealed carry. For me, I am a civil libertarian, I believe in a very liberal interpretation of all civil liberties and rights.
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