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Member since: Wed Sep 7, 2005, 04:30 PM
Number of posts: 1,936

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Bush just said he wants the U.S. military to "tale out ISIS"...

...but there are 5,000,000 troops on the ground now in the Middle East versus 30,000 for those people. Why do we have to do it in the style of his brother? He even has most of Dubya's old military flunkies because he said nobody else is available. Seriously, Jeb?

German citizens rights are being violated by the NSA, in effect - Bill Dobson, Slate

Bill press show just had him on.

Obama was not informed by this establishment. In effect, the head of that agency ordered Angela Merkle be spied upon SINCE 2002 when she was only a party regular.

See more: http://www.Tawkr.tv

"@WilliamJDobson: El Mundo is reporting 60 million Spanish calls were vacuumed up. This story could have a steady drumbeat for days as each country reports #s"

DCCC Head Rep. Steve Israel: 10% of House Republicans are capable of compromise (Audio)

Rep. Steve Israel, head of the DCCC told Stephanie Miller audience that only 23 House Republicans are even capable of compromise. The other 90% are in "safe" districts that have been gerrymandered and redrawn like Tetris blocks. They respond only to well-heeled Koch primary challenges to kick them out and replace them with even bigger nuts and extremists. Sad but true. He puts if very well:

Podcast 7-12-13

(41:00) Rep. Steve Israel
(120:00) Friday with John Fugelsang
(139:00) Marcia Clark on Zimmerman trial

Are you kidding me? This dude wud get rid of filibuster faster than Salinas could fill his terrarium

This dude would get rid of the filibuster faster than Salinas could fill his terrarium with $36,000,000 worth of iceberg lettuce:

It was a reference to the minority leader's comment on the Senate floor Thursday morning that the tombstone of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) would say that he presided over the "end of the Senate" if the Democrat follows through with his threat to kill the filibuster.

Reid said Thursday he would set up test votes next week on seven executive nominations and threatened to change the filibuster rules if Republicans don't approve the nominations.


This is post 2010 election holocaust and post (Corporate-)Citizens United. Different world. What used to be "nuclear" for Reagan Republicans is target practice for their new breed.

Why "conservatives" hate CitiBike so much (graphic)

from PolicyMic


Have a nice life, Virginia! - The 20 craziest tweets from man who could be the next Lt. Gov.

@ThinkProgress - The 20 craziest tweets from the man who could be Virginia’s next Lt. Governor


By Scott Keyes on May 23, 2013 at 12:57 pm

GOP nominee for Virginia Lieutenant Governor E.W. Jackson (Credit: AP)

If you were to put the dregs of conservative Internet comment sections into a pot, boil them down to their essence, then run the resulting product through a sieve to get it to its rawest, most pure form of vitriol, it would probably look something like E.W. Jackson’s Twitter feed.

Through much of President Obama’s first term, Jackson, who was nominated this past weekend as the Republican nominee for Virginia Lieutenant Governor, used his Twitter feed to attack gays, Muslims, Obama, and even Michael Jackson.

After reading through each of his 662 tweets, here are Jackson’s 20 most vitriolic tweets (in no particular order):

Hey FBI what happened to that croquet mallet you used to keep handy?

Hey FBI what happened to that croquet mallet that you used to keep handy for guys with broken noses just such as this? Do you do all of your questioning and confession signing in the kitchen of suspects apartments? Just wondering.

FBI Kills Man Tied to Boston Bombers

The Do-nothing Congress

I tried rehydrating Herman Cain used cheese, but no.

Maybe it was just a few months too far past the date, LoL

I go Mountain Biking around San Diego, can you come?

I go Mountain Biking around San Diego, can you come?
Sometimes I go with my trainer, Blake, who is super nice. We do the intermediate stuff mostly. I'm 61 but look younger, maybe, and Blake is 27. I have a spare 2009 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp FSR (full suspension) bike you can ride that is really sweet.
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