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Gender: Female
Hometown: New York
Home country: USA
Current location: Earth
Member since: Sun Aug 28, 2005, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 967

About Me

I think a lot of people get stuck in a certain mindset, they won't allow themselves to think outside of their party affiliation. I try not to do that, I'm all about what's fair, what's right and what's just. Liberals have to make it known that we are not the "anything goes" crowd. Yes, we believe in family and some of us even believe in God. We also believe in common decency and human rights for all people. Some of us believe that parents should have a say in the lives of their underage children. The perception of liberals has been twisted and distorted for far too long. Which is why those on the right use the term "liberal" like it's a four letter word. My mother is the type of liberal I would like to be. A God loving, family values, Pro choice, Pro-America, liberal.

Journal Archives

The GOP has declared war against President Obama and the American people.

At what point does doing everything within your power to make sure the economy doesn't recover and rejoicing at the slow recovery become anti-American? It's utterly shameful and disgraceful that we now have an elected party that has made it their mission to make sure the President fails, and by doing so the country will fail too.

Mitch McConnell said: "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.." That just goes to show you where their priorities are.

The Republican party has declared war against President Obama. No, it's not about disagreeing with his policies, it's about a systematic effort to bring him down anyway they can...Simply put, it's about politics and 2012. Unfortunately, the economy, the uninsured, the unemployed and the environment are all collateral damage in this war. Think about it; Republicans have voted against bills that they themselves have created, when the President says he supports them.

Republicans have tried to block and stop every single piece of legislation that President Obama is in favor of. You're naive if you think they're doing this, because they simply think his policies are wrong for the country; no, they're doing this as Jim DeMint said: "to break him."

What happened to "country first" as McCain's 2008 campaign slogan said? Now it's party first. The Republican plan is very diabolic, the reason they blocked the extension of unemployment insurance and the jobs bill; is to keep the economy from bouncing back, therefore come election time, they can point to that as a failure by President Obama and the Democrats, who will be up for reelection.

We've been told a few days after Obama settled into the White House they they'd like to see him "fail." So far the Republican party, some faux Democrats and a whole host of right wing-parrots are doing everything within their power to make sure that happens. I'm afraid the public may be looking the other way and not paying attention to what's going on here.

We have an elected party that is trying to bring this country down and they don't give a damn about the people they hurt in the process.

Senator Tom Harkin said a few year ago.. He has been in the senate for 30 years, In his 30 years he has "never seen anything like this before." I'd like to know when are the people going to stand up and push back? Are we going to allow the republicans to achieve their goal? If we do it will be at our own peril.
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