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Gender: Female
Hometown: New York
Home country: USA
Current location: Earth
Member since: Sun Aug 28, 2005, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 965

About Me

I think a lot of people get stuck in a certain mindset, they won't allow themselves to think outside of their party affiliation. I try not to do that, I'm all about what's fair, what's right and what's just. Liberals have to make it known that we are not the "anything goes" crowd. Yes, we believe in family and some of us even believe in God. We also believe in common decency and human rights for all people. Some of us believe that parents should have a say in the lives of their underage children. The perception of liberals has been twisted and distorted for far too long. Which is why those on the right use the term "liberal" like it's a four letter word. My mother is the type of liberal I would like to be. A God loving, family values, Pro choice, Pro-America, liberal.

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Visual truth!

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Is anyone else here tired of the "I'm disappointed in Obama" narrative that's playing out..

I posted the response below to a fellow blogger the other day. He was complaining about Obama not being like FDR among other things. I do feel like a lot of people on the left are buying into that narrative. The only thing it does IMO is add fuel to the fire for the GOP.


You do understand that Obama isn't a liberal and never claimed to be one. It would be suicidal for anyone running for president in this day and age not to be a moderate. Obama isn't a dictator, it is up to the House, Senate and executive branch to pass legislation. The political game has changed a lot since FDR was President. FDR didn't have a right-wing media conglomerate attacking him 24/7 telling lies and distortions about his agenda.

Liberal's have to be realistic and stop acting like children who want candy for dinner and money to fall from the sky. As long as the majority of people in this country are moderates, we will always have moderates winning presidential elections.

I support anyone's right to speak up , even If I don't agree with them. If libs/ Dems don't want to support the President, that's on them. I'm mindful of just how disastrous a President Romney will be.

He already has Bush's foreign policy teams as his advisers, and he already said he would bomb Iran and put judges that are like Thomas and Scalia on the courts. If liberals can sleep at night knowing they helped get Romney elected, more power to them
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