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Gender: Female
Hometown: New York
Home country: USA
Current location: Earth
Member since: Sun Aug 28, 2005, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 967

About Me

I think a lot of people get stuck in a certain mindset, they won't allow themselves to think outside of their party affiliation. I try not to do that, I'm all about what's fair, what's right and what's just. Liberals have to make it known that we are not the "anything goes" crowd. Yes, we believe in family and some of us even believe in God. We also believe in common decency and human rights for all people. Some of us believe that parents should have a say in the lives of their underage children. The perception of liberals has been twisted and distorted for far too long. Which is why those on the right use the term "liberal" like it's a four letter word. My mother is the type of liberal I would like to be. A God loving, family values, Pro choice, Pro-America, liberal.

Journal Archives

Does anyone know someone who is "undecided?"

I certainly don't. This will be my first time voting as a Democrat, last election I voted as an Independent. I think NYS is pretty safe for the President. I'll also be supporting our local Democrats too. One more thing, anyone have any pointers on dealing with election stress? All of my friends are so stressed about this election.

They realize how important this is. I know we hear it every election cycle, but this really is the most important election I'll be voting in so far. I think about the make up of the Supreme Court, the repeal of the affordable care act.. and it's pretty scary stuff.

We've seen extreme measures by republicans across the county trying to make it harder for women to exercise their legal right to choose. The republicans are passing these laws without control of the White House and the Congress. Imagine how things will be if they gain control of both. Not to mention putting one or two more conservative Justices on the court.

LOL! John Kerry called Mitt's foreign policy, "Rosetta Stone" foreign policy..

When the President gets his second term I hope John gets a cabinet position. What a smart guy and he's not afraid to fight.

I'd like to give a warm welcome

to all of the folks who are new to the DU. You know the folks who have never posted anything on this site before. Yet their only contributions have been posts about how bad this poll or that poll looks for the President. How very odd and more importantly how very transparent. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!! Forward people!

Just a question..

How can two men who are opposed to equal pay for women and would support Roe v. Wade being overturned, have the support of women?

I get that some women are anti-choice, but I find it hard to believe that the majority of American women are against equal pay. This just blows my mind. I watched a clip of Ann Romney on the View and thought , I hope they don't ask her about abortion, I wanted them to ask her about equal pay. It's easy for anti-choice folks to hide behind religion, when talking about abortion, but they can't use religion to hide behind , for not supporting equal pay.

There is a disturbing pattern of secrecy, that surrounds Mitt Romney..

While Governor in Massachusetts before he left office "Romney aides purchased and erased their hard drives."
He refuses to release a reasonable amount of tax returns.
His records from his time at the Olympics are off-limits to the public.

There's no way in hell someone should be elected President if they refuse to disclose all of their financial ties and if they refuse to release at least ten years of their taxes. It's an issue of trust. We need to know that you won't pursue policies that are going to champion your interest, while not being beneficial to the American people.

It really is a credit to the Romney campaign and their allies and a discredit to MSM, that he has been able to get this far without answering tough questions about the issues raised above. I'd like the Obama campaign to put out an ad addressing this stuff and closing with: you may not always agree with the President, but at least you know where he stands. Can you say the same for Romney?


Foreign policy can be complicated for a lot of people ..

People who some call "low_information voters." One thing that will and can simplify things; is if the President reminds the American people that 17 of Mitt's 24 foreign policy advisers, had a hand in planning the Iraq war. The same people who sold the American people the Iraq war are not trying to sell them Mitt Romney. He should also throw in that Dick Cheney supports Mitt's stance on foreign policy.

The myth about Romney being a job creator while Governor..

Since Romney is seeking political office and not trying to get a job as the CEO of a company, his record in politics must be examined. We need to see how he will govern and we also need to know what shape his state was in when he left it. When you're going in for an interview, your employer needs to know your background, the American people.. Romney's potential employers would like to know his background.

We want to know who he really is, and what are his qualifications. So far it's been very difficult to get the answers to either question. Being an evasive flip-flopper doesn't help. We need the MSM to do their jobs and report the facts to us, not spin things the way the Romney's campaign would like them to. That's the only way voters will be able to make a wise informed decision this November.
"A big number for Romney -- 47"

"The most important number is 47 — Massachusetts rank in job creation when he was governor. This is the number that most calls into question Romney’s own current job application.

No job is comparable to the presidency, but the closest thing to it is governor of a large state — an executive position in public office, where the welfare of millions of people is the charge. Unlike a corporate executive, whose overriding goal is to make profits for investors, the president and governors have the same central goal — improving the well-being of the entire population. The first priority, usually, is the overall economy.
Indeed, Romney won office in 2002, after shouldering aside Acting Governor Jane Swift, with a pledge to use his business experience and connections to bring jobs to Massachusetts. He failed, dreadfully.

The 47 figure is one Romney cannot escape. During his four years in office, Massachusetts ranked 47th in overall job growth — only 0.9 percent compared with 5.3 percent nationally. "

What's up, with the male Romney surrogates being disrespectful to Soledad O’Brien?

Today Sununu called her an" Obama ‘groupie." A few months back Sununu told her "to put an Obama bumper- sticker on her forehead.

Tim Pawlenty asked "if she understands English"

Most of the interviews she has conducted with Romney's surrogates have been very contentious. Can you imagine if one of the men on MSNBC behaved that way with a Romney female surrogate?

I'm not surprised they don't have respect for women or the truth. Still, CNN needs to put their foot down and demand that all of their employees on and off air be treated with respect. BTW, IMO the word "groupie", is one step away from calling her a whore. He could have said fan or whatever, but he had to pick the most demeaning term you can call a woman without being bleeped.

Warning to the American people.. from folks who actually lived under Romney's governorship..

When Mitt left office in Massachusetts he had a "59 percent unfavorable rating."

"n Massachusetts where Mitt Romney was governor, Obama is up in three different polls by 28 points, 22 points and 18 points.

And in Michigan where Mitt Romney’s father was governor and Romney grew up, Obama holds an 8 point lead over Romney.

In Michigan, Mitt Romney had the advantage of being the son of the beloved former Governor George Romney. But Mitt Romney stabbed Michigan (and his father, a former auto exec who managed a turn around in very challenging circumstances) in its heart when he wrote, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”. Michigan knows that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about jobs in America or American manufacturing. They also know that he’s two faced, because after Obama rescued the auto industry, Romney tried to take credit for it. That doesn’t go over well in the heartland, where they tell you to your face if they don’t like you.

In Massachusetts, Romney started off well but after his party lost the midterms, he was accused of basically pulling a Palin. Romney was never around for the last two years of his governorship. A March 2005 poll found that only 32 percent felt Romney should be re-elected if he ran for a second term as governor. It got worse. In 2006, Romney spent 212 days out of state, campaigning.

In 2006, his disapproval ratings hit a new low with 65 percent of residents disapproving of his job performance, as residents grumbled that he was never around. "


With all due respect Mr. Brokaw, you are flat out wrong!

Tom said: "I don't remember when the Middle East was more fractured' than it is now."

Yes, he said that today on Meet the Press. By making that statement Tom has lost what little credibility he had left. You don't have to be a history buff to know that's a bunch of bull! Tom acts as if the problems facing us in the Middle East started once President Obama took office.
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