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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: New York
Home country: USA
Current location: Earth
Member since: Sun Aug 28, 2005, 03:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,095

About Me

I think a lot of people get stuck in a certain mindset, they won't allow themselves to think outside of their party affiliation. I try not to do that, I'm all about what's fair, what's right and what's just. Liberals have to make it known that we are not the "anything goes" crowd. Yes, we believe in family and some of us even believe in God. We also believe in common decency and human rights for all people. Some of us believe that parents should have a say in the lives of their underage children. The perception of liberals has been twisted and distorted for far too long. Which is why those on the right use the term "liberal" like it's a four letter word. My mother is the type of liberal I would like to be. A God loving, family values, Pro choice, Pro-America, liberal.

Journal Archives

POC seeking allies

I've been posting on this site for over ten years and I've noticed something the last few years that has bugged me; whenever there's a post about a person of color being verbally assaulted, discriminated against or even shot and killed by police ( unjustifiably I might add) those post fail to get the same amount of recs as someone posting a darn cat pic or something far less significant. Since Trump has been in office there has been an increase in verbal and physical assaults of POC. It seems when some people respond to such topics, they do so, without considering those facts. When someone calls a POC the "n-word" it steps over the line from just being a jerk. I think POC just want to feel that folks who claim to be their allies understand the hostility they face on a daily basis and will not downplay it or make excuses for the culprits.

This is going to be my last post, because I feel that it's time to move on.

"Home Depot fires 60-year-old black man after Trump supporter screams racist abuse at him"

My husband and I called and left a message. I hope this guy gets his job back and the racist MAGAT should be banned from the store. If you'd like to make a call here's the number: 770-384-4646

"Home Depot in Albany allegedly fired a black man after a racist Trump supporter hurled abusive racial slurs at him.

The Times-Union reports that Maurice Rucker, 60-year-old black man, was let go from a job he’s held for 10 years—making $13 an hour—because he politely asked a customer to leash his dog in the store."

Richard Painter on Hillary and the NRA

"Yes there are potential presidential candidates who have never taken NRA money, worked for big tobacco or been hostile to immigrants. Hillary is one. Warren is another. Sorry Bernie (at least with respect to the NRA) If only the GOP had a deep bench too."

We may disagree on a hosts of issues, but one thing I can agree with Richard Painter, Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt on is;Trump is the worst ( Can't bring myself to call him POTUS) in my lifetime. I applaud these republicans for putting country before party.

AM Joy will be on in about an hour..

If you'd like to watch online here's a free streaming service that works really well. http://www.livenewschat.eu/politics/ You can watch all of the MSNBC shows on this site.

We all could use a laugh right now. Jeanine Pirro on Nicolas Cage...

The Twitter responses had me ROTFLMAO! https://twitter.com/ryanjreilly/status/964692491109912576

"Figure skater Mirai Nagasu perfectly lands a triple axel at the Winter Olympics"

"White Women Who Enable Trump Do Not Deserve The Benefit Of Your Doubt"

"It’s easy to see Donald Trump’s presidency as an assault on women. The “grab them by the pussy” president has continued to find new ways to humiliate women, appointed a Cabinet made up almost entirely of white men, and created policies on reproductive rights that are draconian and deadly. Many will argue that the Women’s March and #MeToo movements are reactions to this dystopian feminist novel come to life. But that is too simple a story.

Lost in this telling of events is the role white women play in this nightmare presidency. White women helped Trump ascend to power, and are working to keep him there. They are part of Trump’s base, his funders and his administration. Yet they continue to get a pass for the far-reaching, generational damage they are helping Trump to unleash on this country, and particularly on black and brown people."

Click to read entire article.


"Angela Rye closing statement" was pretty powerful...

It pisses me off when the MSM tries to act as if none of this happened and he should be treated like a POTUS.

I personally thought Patti LuPone's Grammy performance

was the best of the night...That was even before I knew she was a total badass!

"Q: Why should Trump come see your show?

Patti LuPone: Well, I hope he doesn't because I won't perform if he does.

Q: Really? Tell me why.

LuPone: Because I hate the motherfucker, how's that?"


I wonder what Malcolm's talking about..

"Bags of snacks & unlimited coffee. Ready for today’s breaking news." 👍🏾


You know he has friends in the Intelligence agencies. I hope this is some good news.
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